A new book by S Douglas Woodward will be released later this week.  You can pre-order it today at my web store, WWW:FAITH-HAPPENS.COM/STORE.

The book is a hard hitting expose on why the United States is destined to collapse in a few short years.  Colonel David J. Giammona, Ret., former head of all chaplains worldwide for the US Army, wrote the foreword to this searing examination of the US and why the challenges we face today are a sure sign that the time for our republic is in the final stage of decline and decay:


“There are few books today that are as relevant and as timely as S. Douglas Woodward’s American Requiem: Why the US Falls in the Last Days. This book takes a hard and realistic biblical look at the conditions that lead up to the US’ collapse in the end times, making way for the coming Antichrist and his one-world government.

Nobody knows all the nuances of the end times and what is really going to happen; however, Doug makes a great case through his rigorous scholarship and in-depth analysis. Clearly, we need to be about what our Lord commanded us in Matthew 26:41: “Watch and pray.” This book will make that mandate ring in your ears.”

You can order the book on sale at $19.95 (regular price is $22.95) from the website, or bundled with the in-depth study of why the Antichrist will not be a Muslim in contrast to the popular view of the “Islamic Antichrist.” The second book, Mistaken Identity, is included in the bundle for $22.95 (regular price for the bundle is $25.95).

The book will be sold on Amazon October 10, 2020 at its full price.  A Kindle Edition of the book will be available later in the month.