I am pleased to announce that my latest book in now available for Kindle.  AMERICAN REQUIEM: WHY THE USA FALLS IN THE LAST DAYS. It is a beautiful version with many color photos across 235 pages, extensive bibliography, over 30 illustrations (photos, maps, & charts), with 150 footnotes to document the assertions of the book.

It is priced at a special price for a short time: $5.75. Hurry.

The book features a Foreword by Colonel David J. Giammona, former head of U.S. Army chaplains, and co-author of the upcoming book, A MILITARY GUIDE TO ARMAGEDDON (co-authored with Troy Anderson (Trumpocalypse). The Colonel’s book is already Amazon’s number one “hot release.” Expect it in bookstores and on Amazon on January 5, 2021 (one month away).

Again, for only a short time, I will sell the book on Amazon for $5.75.  Don’t wait. The price will shoot up to $9.95 very soon.  A printed version of the book is available on Amazon right now for $19.95 OR in my FAITH-HAPPENS STORE for $17.95, or bundled with MISTAKEN IDENTITY: THE CASE AGAINST THE ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST FOR $22.95.


The book reveals reasons why the US is indeed at the edge of oblivion, with an imminent collapse caused by many factors I discuss in depth in this book.

The research goes deep into the rationale for why the USA IS IN BIBLE PROPHECY, and why it fulfills one crucial aspect of ‘the final Babylon’ discussed in my other books.

Of particular note is an exclusive piece of vital research:  Why there are ‘three Babylons’ in the last days and how we can distinguish them. You will find this exploration to be revelatory, clarifying what is a notoriously confusing & confounding aspect of biblical teaching. I  provide the quintessential definition of Mystery-Babylon.

Please take advantage of this offer.  If you enjoy the book, as always, a review, no matter how brief, will be a great way to say thanks for all the research and time spent on preparing this detailed study.

Here is the table of contents for the printed book.  (The Kindle book provides hyper-links to each chapter, illustration, and section.) Note that the material is extensive and, as I attempt to always do, highly organized.

See American Requiem: Why the USA Falls in the Last Days in the Faith Happens Book Store.  Note: Bundle prices available.