To those who follow me regularly, you know I have been warning those who will listen that preparations have been made on both sides of the conflict surrounding the Ukraine and the fight in its Donbas region (in the east, along the Ukraine’s border with Russia).  Over the past two weeks, fighting has intensified and the evidence is compelling that Russia has deployed heavy artillery and tanks in the region.  No question, both sides have stepped up the propaganda campaigns.  It is difficult to know what is true and false about the details reported by news agencies loyal to their respective sides.

If you listen to RT Television (formerly Russia Today, a slick English news service mimicking cable news aka CNN, directed at English speaking countries), you hear that the U.S. is clearly the aggressor and Russia is operating as a humanitarian relief force (think UN peacekeepers). But if you refer to most American news sources, you hear something quite different.  Here is an excerpt from ValueWalk, a financial investing service in the U.S., commenting on the meaning of the action ongoing in Ukraine at this time:

The far-reaching effect of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine is now spreading into Europe, where countries like Poland, Sweden, Finland and Germany are surreptitiously bracing for Russian attack. Experts believe that if the Russian economy is absolutely broken and in a state of total disrepair, Russia may want to punish Europe for standing firmly by the United States. And there is no other way Russia can retaliate on the European economy than by launching preemptive strikes on some important European countries.  (Please see the entire article for a great roundup of what is happening right now in the Ukraine conflict.  Click HERE.  

The other side, and some in the American press, suggest that NATO is a shill, it is the U.S.’ incursion into Ukraine that we should try to understand–that the U.S. knows it has only token support from Germany, France, and England in standing against Russia.  Eastern European countries are shaking in their shoes, particularly the Baltics and Poland.  They believe, as I’ve written before, that Western Europe (including Germany) could care less about Eastern Europe (the Baltics, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and the Western Balkans–see the map).  The Germans consider Western Europe and Mitteleuropa to be the Europe that matters and its destiny portends the future of what happens in Europe at large.

 Grossgliederung_Europas.svg: NordNordWest
Grossgliederung_Europas.svg: NordNordWest

Indeed, Europe has been operating ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, to be “the Third Way” as Joseph P. Farrell has just recently written.  The not-so-conspiratorial realpolitik of “the game” essentially breaks down to this central operating principle:  Europe doesn’t want war, it wants to turn to the east, engaging with Russia, China, India, Iran, etc. It wants to remain neutral in the U.S.-Russia dogfight, and eventually reemerge as a power in its own right. It is the U.S. that is stirring the kettle to keep Europe in a state of dependency on America’s military industrial complex and therefore lock in America’s economic leadership.  In other words, the real story behind the scenes is that Europe would rather partner more with Russia, its neighbor, than the U.S.  Russia has more to offer and poses the larger threat if not mollified.  Europe prefers to be the consumer of Russian resources (Oil and Gas, but other products as well).  The reality:  NATO has been on its last legs for some time.  European nations don’t pay their NATO dues (which is to build their military based upon budget guidelines of spending 2% of their GDP on defense–which Europe doesn’t).  See my earlier article on this topic.

What is the truth?  All the points being made by both sides are likely legitimate.  However, the issue remains whether Russia and the U.S. are heading for a conflict using Eastern Europe as the battleground.


The dirty secret of European politics for over 120 years is that Germany was and continues to be instrumental in making Jihad a means to counterbalance England (and eventually America) in the Middle East, and therefore in Eastern Europe as well.  But that topic we will save for another time.

See my latest book to supply detail on what has been happening in the Ukraine and the history of Russia’s conflict with the West–for the past 250 years. (Is Russia Destined to Nuke the U.S.?


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