One of my ‘eschatological friends’ and strong students of Bible prophecy was gracious to write a thoughtful review of my new book which is now available in print (and will be available in ebook format by August 1).  Click Here for book.  I hope you enjoy his overview and analysis.

Thanks Eric Wemmer!  YOU ROCK!


A cutting edge, provocative geopolitical and historical prophetic analysis that warns Russia is close to inititating Ezekiel 38

on July 24, 2015

Mr. Woodward clearly has a burden in regards to how much saber rattling and provocative actions and maneuvers have occurred on both the part of the West and Russia ever since Russia’s aggressive overtures into the Ukraine and Crimea regions. His concerns reaches as far as potentially suggesting that the trigger points for the eventual Gog-Magog event of Ezekiel 38 may very well already be in play and that all would be wise to not dismiss or ignore the current events as “just another round of saber rattling.”

Is Russia Destined to Nuke the U.S.?
Is Russia Destined to Nuke the U.S.?

In short: Woodward is concerned that we are essentially in a reverse Cuban Missile Crisis situation and that Russia out of a sense of defense, desperation, and territorialism will be feel perfectly justified at some point to go nuclear and possibly against the United States. He proceeds to lay that up for potential, imminent prophetic trigger that could occur if such an event happened and it’s clear that Woodward has all of theses things at a high level of probability based on reading this and several interviews he has done on the subject.

I strongly recommend reading the book Final Babylon before getting into this although Woodward gives his readers a capable Cliff’s Notes overview and summary of the concepts from that book so they aren’t lost without context if this is their first time running into these things.

If one accepts the idea or at least entertains the potential that the United States might be “daughter of Babylon” or at least may be a part of a bigger entity that comprises that entity I as I personally do then it starts to beg the question if certain Scriptures including even Ezekiel 38 possibly forecast that when the big push happens against Israel that the “daughter of Babylon” is the other target.

I have never seen someone attempt to make mention of the “unwalled villages” segment of Ezekiel 38 apply to any other area than Israel before Woodward posited that idea here and to be fair I’m not sold on it…at least not yet… but it’s worth careful scrutiny and hashing out. I hope that Mr. Woodward is able to expand and go into further detail on that concept and scenario as we move forward in this series.


You do not have to agree or subscribe to the “America is or part of Daughter of Babylon” to still get plenty from both the original Final Babylon book and this new mini book which will be the first in an ongoing series that Woodward intends to roll out every few months or as events warrant.

I think Woodward has an excellent job giving a good history overview progressing into current geopolitical analysis and attempting to get past cliches and stereotypes to gives us all a better understanding of what really makes the Russians tick, and then engaging the Biblical prophetic component to finish this out. If you have read any of Woodward’s books, and I highly recommend them all, then you will see a very balanced writer who has an uncanny knack from pulling diamonds out of large haystacks for the sake of thorough analysis.

Woodward’s thesis is that ultimately out of desperation and defensive posturing totally justified in their minds and ethos, Russia will follow through on the uptick in tensions and actually fire a nuke [SDW:  Many!] and possibly at the mainland United States. He further conjectures the possibility that Ezekiel 38 includes this event in a larger theater of action that of course primarily focuses on the big attack against in Israel.

Woodward does a stellar job giving the reader a history breakdown starting with the actions of Catherine the Great right on through to today to explain the Russian mindset, culture, and outlook at it pertains to the Ukraine and Crimea areas and how those people view the Russians. All of this is to take us right up to current events and set up the thesis. Woodward does the reader a service in positing both the West’s position on the events in the last few years and also does his best to fairly represent the Russian view and mindset of the same events so the reader can better appreciate how all of this comes together and how it’s possible the Russians, even under Putin, could make a desperate and utterly risky, planetary game changing decision to fire that nuke and what the ramifications would be if they did.

It’s a fair enough analysis that I think a Russian person could read this book and feel they were represented fairly or at least the attempt was made to present their side of things in as objective a light as possible which isn’t easy to do. This is vintage Woodward if you have read any of his books. If you haven’t…what are you waiting for?! 🙂 Woodward is adept at taking in the big picture and then zooming in and taking a scalpel from many angles in a razor sharp fashion.

Personally speaking I would not be surprised if a Russian nuclear attack happened at some point in the future and perhaps against the mainland USA.

If or when it did happen although my own contention on it would be this: Putin isn’t stupid and he isn’t insane. Far from it.

Per Woodward’s own very true points brought up numerous times, the United States is the only country on the Earth that has military assets all over the planet which carries all kinds of ramifications. If you attack the mainland USA, there would be severe and immediate retaliation and the entire planet would be living in a “who’s next?” world that no one would find tolerable regardless of how they view the proponents on each side of the equation. Any nuclear attack on Earth from anyone else is a game changer. Same goes for an EMP or any number of these other scenarios that have been increasingly circulated in recent years.

The MH17 Malaysian airline was shot down by Russian missiles requiring a high level of training per growing consensus. This could in hindsight be a flashpoint for a further elevation. Russia may have been trying to foment a war in East Ukraine. False flags… even Putin believes in these…so it’s very difficult to discern who brought this plane down although it’s become clear it wasn’t a bunch of amateurs shooting rockets from the hilltops.

The Dutch will release an independent study in October 2015 to speak to this. It’s worth watching if the independent Dutch report supports the “Russians did it and it wasn’t bunch of amateurs.” This could be an escalator.

United States’ history of nation building and meddling continues in the Ukraine, which is on the Russian border. This is a problem. A Russian military strategist would rightfully look at that level of interference dimly just as the United States viewed the interference in Cuba back in 1962 and that’s a major point in this book.

I will be keenly interested to see where Mr. Woodward goes with this series of “quick study books.”

Because we live in an age where we have gone from looking for prophetic signs to being smack in the middle of them things continue to ramp up per the birth pangs analogy so I recommend that interested readers keep up with Mr. Woodward’s blog at faith-happens.com as he intends to keep the ball rolling as much as he can to cover all of this.

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