This article is drawn from my new book, Rebooting the Bible, Part 2.  This is cut from the Introduction and simplified a bit to focus just on the issue of why historical truth matters even in the first eleven chapters of Genesis, which is often the most likely section of Scripture to be labeled “myth.”

The revised date for the book being available is now Memorial Day weekend. May 23-25. Only the last chapter, indexes, and a couple of small appendices are left to complete.  If you haven’t read Rebooting the Bible, Part 1, I do encourage you to get
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The book is nearing completion, Only the introduction and the final chapter must be completed.  I am sending the book out to reviewers now to enable them to comment near the time of the book’s release. For those of you anxiously awaiting the book, which I believe is the best thing I’ve written to date, I’m sharing with you the outline of the first 8 chapters.

Again, one more chapter to write and that will be on the subject of whether or not there was a Pre-Adamic race, evidence for a “high civilization” before Genesis 1, and a possible scenario
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Here is the beginning of the opening chapter of Rebooting the Bible, Part 2.  I am still striving to have the book finished by May 1. It looks like it won’t be available until about May 15 or so.  Between now and then, I will begin sharing some of the new book to give you insight into where its going.  I hope this meets with your approval and generates interest.  Do let me know!  You can respond on my Facebook page or by emailing me at  Blessings during this crazy time in which we live.

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