The JFK Revelations – History Will Be Rewritten in the Days Ahead

The first batch of documents did a good deal to confirm what I had written about in my books Power Quest 1 & 2 as well as The Final Babylon (co-written with Douglas Krieger and Dean McGriff).

In an activist post by Matt Agorist, October 30, “Five Ominous Revelations from the JFK Files,” we learn that the CIA does qualify as a terrorist organization, that it actively funds terrorist activities, it has worked with the MAFIA to achieve its covert ends, it did take control of the media through putting journalists on its payroll in the 1970s to the present day (Project Mockingbird), and it did indeed engage in mind control and activities that most of us would classify as torture and “depraved indifference” (Project MK-Ultra).  I take up the latter of these issues in my books.  Never has being vindicated been less welcomed.

It is interesting that so far the main stream media (MSM) is making almost nothing of these matters.  It seems “mum is the word” either because they don’t have staff to research the 3,000 pages of documents released or because they don’t want to be the one to broadcast the crimes of the nation state.  Nonetheless, what we are learning is that the CIA amounts to more than the “deep state.”  It has carried out egregious actions that have damaged the reputation of the United States and constitute crimes against humanity.

The last 200 documents, released by surprise on this past Saturday provided the clincher:  the CIA was vitally involved in the JFK assassination and the FBI did its best to cover up what was an enormous conspiracy by the deep state against the President of the United States. Oliver Stones’s movie JFK appears to be proven right in what most of us would have considered unbridled speculation when it was released many years ago.  We now know that the President was shot from several directions.  The first shot was from the front penetrating his throat, the second shot entered his upper back, and the third shot, the “kill shot” was indeed from the (you guessed it), “grassy knoll.”  The testimonies of FBI agent Dan Adams (who appeared on Alex Jones seven years ago), and the “death bed confession” of super spy E. Howard Hunt some years before that seems to be tracking with the information gleaned so far.

Who really killed Kennedy?  Who was at the top of the heap?  This may never be known to the satisfaction of all concerned, but the testimony of a number of persons implicate Lyndon B. Johnson for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into here.

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And then, as if that wasn’t enough information to blow our minds, we learned that the FBI was indeed hunting for Hitler in Argentina and the speculation that he was alive there (which I discussed in my books and in my video, Hitler’s Great Escape (on Youtube), appears also to be confirmed by the release documents.  My research suggested that Hitler arrived in Argentina at the end of June, 1945 (and not two to three weeks later as other authors have suggested).  And he died in 1962, most likely in Argentina as well.  I will recap more of this information in another post later after I have learned more of the facts about the Hitler admissions in the JFK Assassination Documents.

For now, just know that history is about to be rewritten.  And the information I have assembled for my readers over the past seven years has been, for the most part at least, confirmed.

If you have not read POWER QUEST, BOOKS 1&2, you might want to obtain a copy from Amazon (either paperback or Kindle version).  There is much more to the story than what the just-released documents show.  The picture they paint isn’t pretty.  But do you want to know the whole truth?  And, “can you handle the truth?”

Here is the link to the article from Activist Post mentioned at the outset:  CLICK HERE.

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