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Summary:  One Rabbi, 2,000 years ago, led the campaign to corrupt our Old Testament (the Masoretic Text that all Protestant Bibles follow). And He succeeded – at least in a narrow sense. He is known as the father of Rabbinic Judaism. His name is Rabbi Akiba ben Josef (50 A.D. – 135 A.D.). Not only was he responsible for creating a Judaism that was no longer dependent upon a Temple and its sacrificial worship, he sought to obscure messianic passages in the Old Testament including the timing when Messiah was believed to arrive. In this article, I make the case Read More

INTRODUCTION — ANTIQUITY REANIMATED: Exploding Modern Myths About the Ancient Past

I am hoping that my readers and followers may have been wondering what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been as dutiful in posting new articles as per usual.  Of course, the answer is that I’m researching and writing the next book.  I’d like to present a draft of the first element of the new book, its Introduction.  Many have requested that the next book should be REVISING REALITY: Volume 2.  Actually, this book needs to come first.  It will be in the same spirit and of the same mindset as RR, Volume 1. Keep in mind this

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