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Going for the Juggler: The Plan to Destroy the Old Greek Septuagint.

INTRODUCTION: At the end of the first century, with its temple in ruins, tens of thousands killed in the revolt that ended in the tragedy at Masada, and Rome still in control of their land, how could the new rabbinic form of Judaism rid itself of their rival pesky Jewish sect, the Christians?  Rabbi Akiba, its newly acknowledged leader, elected to attack Christianity’s principaltext; namely, the Septuagint translated from the old Hebrew in Alexandria 400 years earlier.How could he do this? And is it speculation to think Read More

The Witness of Ancient Scholars Verifies the Septuagint’s Longer Chronology is What the Original Hebrew Revealed

Summary: Is the Bible’s chronology corrupted?  Did this corruption take place before the time of Christ? Or might it have happened after the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. when rabbis altered the Old Testament to hide the fact that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled the prophecies of the Messiah?

Which Chronology is Correct? The Masoretic’s or the Septuagint’s?

Perhaps the strongest proof demonstrating the corruption of the Masoretic Text (MT) comes from an analysis of its chronology. In contrast to the majority view in Evangelicalism that sees the MT’s timeline of Genesis 5 and 11 as the authentic chronology, there … Read More


Does the LXX Ever Fill in the Gaps Left by the MT?

Summary: Textual Criticism Is NOT Just a Tool for Those Who Doubt the Authority and Inerrancy of the Bible’s Autographs.  It is the means by which we have confidence that the written word we have is the Word of God.  Historical Evangelicalism does not claim that the Bible we have in our hands today is perfect.  It claims that the original writers wrote what God was pleased with and it reflected perfectly what God wanted them to say. Their autographs were inerrant. The Septuagint is one of the Read More


My new book, REBOOTING THE BIBLE, was a quest of research spurred by the work of a genius Aussie polymath, Barry Setterfield.  This new 30-minute video by Setterfield provides a graphic presentation supporting several of my key tenets. It’s a powerful piece.

I am very pleased to share this video by Barry Setterfield.  He surfaces numerous salient points that demonstrate how the Masoretic text was corrupted in numerous ways by ‘founding’ rabbis ca.100 AD.

What difference does this make?  Our modern Bibles are based, primarily, on the Masoretic text.  And yet, there are a large number of believers in biblical … Read More

INTRODUCTION — ANTIQUITY REANIMATED: Exploding Modern Myths About the Ancient Past

I am hoping that my readers and followers may have been wondering what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been as dutiful in posting new articles as per usual.  Of course, the answer is that I’m researching and writing the next book.  I’d like to present a draft of the first element of the new book, its Introduction.  Many have requested that the next book should be REVISING REALITY: Volume 2.  Actually, this book needs to come first.  It will be in the same spirit and of the same mindset as RR, Volume 1. Keep in mind this

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