Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Shadow Government

What part does the United States play in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder? In my interview with Larry Spargimino of Southwest Radio Church, we discuss some amazing topics. To dig in deep listen to our 25-minute interview. You should find this MP3 illuminating. Here is what we cover:

  • SRA has been taught and practiced by the CIA and may still be operative.  DID is the primary method to program victims. It is a heinous crime foisted on children around the world, but especially in our country.
  • MK-Ultra was exposed by the Church and Pike Congressional committees in 1975. It is no secret conspiracy.
  • What part does Joseph Mengele play in the explosion of SRA/DID? When was he involved? How did the CIA help him?
  • This relates to the topic, the Manchurian Candidate.  The official account from 1979 downplays it.  However, there are dozens if not hundreds of counselors that deal with the results of this programming.
  • How are the victims programmed?  What are they programmed for? How long does programming last?
  • Where does demonic possession fit in?
  • What does this imply for spiritual warfare?
  • Where did this program originate?
  • This material was explored inside my books, (in-depth) in both Power Quest, Books 1 and 2.
  • We also discuss the financing of groups opposing President Trump.  But the emphasis is on society’s “elite” – performing rituals to maintain and increase their personal power.
  • We tie this back to America as Mystery Babylon.  It begins with the Nazis after World War II.
  • Does this connect to the conspiracy of UFOs prototyped by the Nazis and tested before the end of WWII?
  • What do the media (six media companies) and Project Mockingbird have to do with these matters?

Because of these matters, I argue for America as Mystery Babylon and the Daughter of Babylon. I share a few of the arguments as explored in The Final Babylon.

And many more things, including some signs of hope: we talk about film-making, and I mention Kevin McAfee and The End of the Spear. I also mention The Discovery Institute.

Click below to listen to listen to the audio tape (it’s in the form of MP3 that can be streamed or downloaded.

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