AC Chain – First Step Toward the Mark of the Beast?

The debate about Block Chain as the fulfillment of the final one world financial system (and the mark of the beast) is beginning to gather some momentum.  One entrant in this new booming Gucci marketplace is AC CHAIN… a digital asset “marking” system from China to enable assets of all types to be valued and exchanged globally.  Will it work?  Will it fall flat? Will central bankers put the private digital currencies out of business?

Gary Hoffman and I join host Tony Koretz of A Minute to Midnight to enjoy a wide ranging discussion on the digital block chain concept.  But that is just the jumping off place.

We bridge to the topic of Disclosure and whether new developments in the world of UFOs presages the “great disclosure” event that has been anticipated for well over a decade. What about the fascinating presentations covering the topic of ‘X’ presented by Dark Journalist, dealing with U.S. Presidents and their eagerness to wrest control of the UFO file away from the CIA.  Did this get Kennedy killed?

Lastly, we jump to the current events in the U.S. political scene discussing whether Donal Trump is really the “great hope” of evangelicals and the United States or is in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This issue led to some debate among the three.

The discussion is timely on all fronts. Take a listen.