Flying Saucers, U.S. Intelligence, Sinister Forces, and the NINE (the Ennead)

Flying Saucers, U.S. Intelligence, Sinister Forces,
and the NINE (the Ennead)

The Occult Influence Behind Nazi Ideology Continues to Influence U.S. Space Exploration on the Ground, in the Air, and in the Space between the Ears.

Because of the alien nature of the tryptamine trance, its seeming accentuation of themes alien, insectile, and futuristic, and because of previous experiences with tryptamine in which insectile hallucinatory transformations of human beings were observed, we were led to speculate that the role of the presence was somehow like that of an anthropologist, come to give humanity the keys to galactarian citizenship.

Terence McKenna,
The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching

The involvement of intelligence agents in the field of Egyptian archaeology, the UFO phenomenon, and other odd pursuits…point out that
psychological warfare, literature, archaeology, and the paranormal not only make for strange bedfellows; in the war years of the last
century it was positively an orgy.

Peter Levenda, Sinister Forces, (2005)



The Puppet Masters of the Early Days

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, in their sizeable work, The Stargate Conspiracy: The Truth About Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, document how the U.S. Military has not only been involved in conducting psychic operations to spy out technical intelligence from our enemies—their reach goes well beyond, extending into the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life, ancient civilizations in our solar system (notably Mars, but secondarily the Moon), and the connections with the alternative theories of Ancient Egypt, specifically the meaning of the Giza complex and the Great Pyramids. While it is possible (but unlikely) direct military involvement in these matters ceased sometime in the 1970s, it is clear that SRI (perhaps as cover for government participation and funding), continued to be involved in research at Giza, and that NASA has a lot more to tell us about the true motivations behind the space program—especially why we might wanted to get to Mars as soon as possible.

The Stargate Conspiracy

The Stargate Conspiracy

We only have room in this article to highlight how the military launched the activity leading to these outcomes. We will document here the origins of the strange activity, what the key players initiated, and underscore their impact today.

Suffice it to say, ‘astounding’ doesn’t begin to describe the facts.

As mentioned in a previous previously, the history of U.S. Government involvement in the paranormal begins in the 1940s, not the 1970s. “The first experiments in the paranormal were authorized by the CIA in 1950, codenamed BLUEBIRD, later renamed ARTICHOKE and then, in 1953, MKULTRA. The U.S. Navy had a similar research program, Project CHATTER (beginning in 1947), which pooled its resources with the CIA projects, and the U.S. Army had its own version called Project OFTEN, which ran between 1968 and 1973.”[i] Other project names float around too, such as Project GRILL FLAME which was an umbrella term for anything psychic.

Andrija Puharich

Andrija Puharich

The principal character of the early going was the fascinating personality Dr. Andrija Puharich (known by his family as Hank).[ii] He was Chicago-born, of Yugoslavian parents in 1918, and became a successful inventor of medical gadgets such as improved deaf aids. Puharich qualified as a doctor and neurologist at Northwestern University in 1947. “But that was only part of his life, his more public face. He was also known as a brave pioneer in the ‘Cinderella science’ of parapsychology, or—as many have come to view it—the study of the hitherto unplumbed powers of the human mind.”[iii] But what is the relevance of Puharich?

There is no doubt that he was very deeply committed to much of the mind control experimentation of the military/CIA. He was certainly no mere Army doctor, whose work was confined to handing out pills and potions. In fact, even the Round Table Foundation—as Puharich himself implies in [his book] The Sacred Mushroom—was a front for the Army’s parapsychological experiments.

When he was redrafted in February 1953 it was as a captain at the Army Chemical Center in Edgewood, Maryland, the Army’s facility for research into chemical and psychological warfare and neuro-physical research, where he served until April 1955, when he returned to the Round Table Foundation.[iv]

It is well-known the Army’s Chemical Center at Edgewood, where Puharich was stationed, conducted joint experiments with the CIA’s MKULTRA team. “The Army’s real interest, the real reason why they [employed] Puharich, was not just in the development of the military potential of ESP, but also the possibility of finding a drug that would stimulate psychic abilities.”[v]

CIa - Funds MK-Ultra

CIA – Funds MK-Ultra

And what we will learn in the pages following is that the Army was paying big dollars to consultants who would have been considered crazy by the general population because they believed in somebody up there on Mars and psychics who could connect with them.

The official account is that the Army didn’t start experimenting with psychics until the 1970s through studies at SRI; however Puharich presented a paper on the Army’s behalf to the Pentagon in November 1952 entitled “An Evaluation of the Possible Usefulness of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare.”[vi] While it is highly probable Puharich was right at the center of the experiments using LSD, it’s quite clear both the CIA and the Army determined not to use drugs as a means to facilitate remote viewing (RV was a means to project one’s consciousness as a distance to observe invisibly situations in order to gather intelligence by paranormal means). While it is supposition and unproven that some sort of ‘chemical basis’ serves as a means for humans to exhibit psychic ability, many of the substances already exist in small amounts naturally within human physiology.

Graham Hancock's Supernatural

Graham Hancock’s Supernatural

As Graham Hancock notes in his book Supernatural, approximately two percent of the population seem to possess enough naturally occurring dimethyltryptamine (DMT) “within themselves” they don’t require any assistance from drugs (DMT—a substance similar chemically to serotonin which at sufficient quantities generates hallucinations in human subjects).[vii]  Apparently it is for this reason the military screened and selected only a few persons to do remote viewing—clearly those which could perform well without pharmacological help.

According to Jack Sarfatti (another colorful character we will discuss), Puharich worked for Army Intelligence in the early fifties—which implies his discharge later in the 1950s provided a cover for continuing to operate on behalf of the military but in an civilian capacity. It also appears some of Puharich’s medical inventions (mostly related to hearing—hopefully not just ‘voices’) were originally developed as part of classified Army projects. According to Sarfatti, Puharich claimed in 1987 he had been part of a U.S. Navy investigation called Project PENGUIN researching psychic abilities in 1948.

Over the next twenty years [his career actually extended almost 40 years] Puharich devoted himself to more general parapsychological and medical research. He set up a company, the Intelectron Corporation, to market his many patented medical inventions. On the parapsychological side, apart from testing various psychics, he made a special, in-depth study of shamanism. He was particularly interested in shamanic techniques for altering states of consciousness, including the use of various hallucinogenic plants and “sacred” mushrooms. Never one to stand on the sidelines, Puharich threw himself into these studies, even being initiated into the mysteries of Hawaiian shamanism, emerging as a fully-fledged kahuna. At least as significant—in light of what was to come—was his personal training in hypnosis to the level of master hypnotist, at which stage are revealed such mysteries as the “instant command technique” so often used, an arguably abused, by stage hypnotists. Out of this admirably “hand-on” research he wrote two books, The Sacred Mushroom (1959) and Beyond Telepathy (1962).[viii]

From 1948 until 1958, Puharich ran a private research center focused on the paranormal he called the Round Table Foundation in Glen Cove, Maine. He carried out experiments with several then-famous psychics such as the Irish medium Eileen Garrett and the Dutch clairvoyant Peter Hurkos. But it was his work with another psychic which commenced a radically new path forward.

Introducing THE NINE

Ancient Gods of Egypt - The Ennead

Ancient Gods of Egypt – The Ennead

“In 1952 he took an Indian mystic, Dr. D.G. Vinod, to the laboratory, although apparently not so much to test his abilities as to listen to his teachings, which came by what is now known as ‘channeling’: more or less identical to old-fashioned trance mediumship, in which the medium becomes a conduit for various discarnate spirits.”[ix]

The intrigue deepens when we discover the subject that occupied Puharich after holding a séance at his Round Table Foundation in Glen Cove, Maine.  “The first of these sessions took place on 31 December 1952. Vinod entered the trance state and at exactly 9 PM, spoke. His first words were, portentously: ‘We are Nine Principles and Forces.’ One of the ‘Nine,’ who identified himself only as ‘M’ (a second communicator, ‘R’, also appeared over the next few months), furnished some extremely detailed scientific information concerning a variant of the Lorentz-Einstein Transformation equation (relating to energy, mass and the speed of light)” [emphasis added].[x]

This is the first record of many meetings with a group of entities that identified themselves as personas numbering nine in total. The ‘nine’ of Dr. Vinod would become Puharich’s obsession and both directly and indirectly inaugurate a fascination with intelligences outside our world. Within three decades, millions would come to believe in these nine entities as one example among many to be the ‘scientific’ alternative explanation for divine intervention in the evolution of humankind. Indirectly, the teachings of these nine principles or forces (hereafter, I will refer to them as THE NINE) provided anecdotal support for what is now called “ancient astronaut theory,” such as espoused by Erich von Däniken (of Chariots of the Gods’ fame).  Adding to this exalted nine is recent research related to the Mayan prediction of an apocalyptic event scheduled for December 21, 2012 when their nine gods return to earth.[xi]  (Did they appear in 2012?  Nein!)

After working further with Vinod for several months, Puharich was ready to roll out the notion of THE NINE by inviting nine (not an accidental number of invitations to be sure) persons composed of upper-echelon Americans to meet with him and Dr. Vinod on June 27 of the next year (1953). Those attending included Arthur M. Young (philosopher and inventor—also one time head of Bell Helicopter who was related to the flap around the killing of Kennedy as discussed in an earlier post) and Alice Bouverie (née Astor), daughter of the founder of the Astoria Hotel in New York. When speaking thru Vinod, THE NINE took center stage, but played coy as to who and what they actually were. At first, they didn’t identify themselves as extraterrestrials. That would eventually change.

About two years later, Puharich, Young, and Hurkos went to Mexico seeking to use Hurkos’ powers in an attempt to find certain artifacts at the ancient site of Acámbaro.

In the Hôtel de Paris they met an American couple, Dr. Charles Laughead and his wife Lillian, who were working with a young man who claimed to be in telepathic contact with various alien races. Shortly after his return to the United States, Puharich received a letter from Laughead—a copy of which they sent to Young—giving communications from the extraterrestrials. And this referred to “the Nine,” giving the correct date for their first contact via Dr. Vinod as well as the same information about the Lorentz-Einstein Transformation. This appeared to be exciting independent corroboration of the Nine’s existence.[xii]

It also transformed THE NINE from ‘spirits’ or forces to extraterrestrials.  Ever since that moment, THE NINE have attempted to establish their identity as extraterrestrials. It’s almost as if THE NINE decided that self-identifying as ET would be much more chic.

Classic Study in Sociology - When Prophecy Fails

Classic Study in Sociology – When Prophecy Fails

Therefore, it seems plausible connecting THE NINE to extraterrestrials directly resulted from Charles Laughead’s earlier experience documented in the book, When Prophecy Fails (a classic study book in Sociology Classes).  In 1954, an apocalyptic group, the “Brotherhood of the Seven Rays” expected a rescue from extraterrestrials intended to save them and them alone from a global flood. This group of staunch believers included the Laughead’s. Dorothy Martin, known as Marian Keech in the book, was their psychic leader.[xiii] While Martin was emotionally destroyed “when the prophecy failed,” Laughead and his wife were nonplussed and continued to promote aliens and publicize their determination to arrive at, shall we say, an earthly destination. Consequently, very soon after the experiences recorded in the book, the Laughead’s met Puharich and his psychic posse.

Vinod was not the only medium attracting Puharich. From another psychic, Puharich opened a different controversial door, this one to ‘alternate history’. When serving in the Army as Captain in 1954, Puharich encountered a young Dutch psychic named Harry Stone through Alice Bouverie. Stone provided a channeled message regarding a drug that would excite psychic ability.[xiv] This also tied into another of Puharich’s duties: studying psychoactive substances on behalf of the army. It seems Stone’s messages opened the door to the ancient Egypt connection. One of the voices identified himself as Ra and then later Rahotep.[xv] Apparently, Ra’s main concern was to communicate news about a specific drug used by Heliopolian priests (an ancient religious capitol near Giza founded before 3000 BC) to:

…“open the door” to the gods: a mushroom that induced hallucinatory experiences, a sort of a chemical stargate. From Stone’s drawings, Puharich was to identify the mushroom as amanita muscaria, or fly agaric. Bouverie’s automatic writing predicted that a specimen would shortly be found near the Round Table Foundation’s building in Maine… [it was.]

Puharich had settled on the psychoactive drugs used by shaman as the main focus of his research and in 1953 had contacted R. Gordon Wasson, the first researcher to study the shamanic mushroom cult of Mexico. The two set up an experiment to see if the Mexican shamans, or curanderos, could, under the influence of the mushroom, “visit” the Round Table Foundation’s laboratory in Maine. The long-distance experience never happened, but it is interesting that Puharich was already thinking in terms of remote viewing (although he did not use that term the)[xvi] [comment mine].

The 1960s was a dark period for the military from the perspective of public exposure to its research into the paranormal. Puharich’s activities remained covert along with other rumblings about the nature of how drugs were being administered by the military to enlisted men. Ironically, the drug, LSD, was touted at the beginning of the decade as a ‘savior’ to Western culture.  It promised to be the doorway to a new society, forming the basis for so-called counter-culture made famous at the rock concert Woodstock. But by the end of the sixties, LSD was ultimately discredited along with the counter-culture. The ‘hippie hope’ declined almost as quickly as it was hailed soon after the violent incidents at another rock concert, Altamont, in 1969.[xvii]

Spoon Bending and Star Trek

We jump to 1970 and the matter for which Andrija Puharich is most famous. Puharich was turned on to an entertainer mystic named Uri Gellar, who was entertaining in Tel Aviv night clubs. This acquaintance began when Puharich was training Israelis on his medical

Puharich with his Protégé Uri Geller

Puharich with his Protégé Uri Geller

devices, “electrostimulation” or hearing for the deaf. What the real story was behind Uri Geller and his importance to the U.S. Military certainly involved much more than bending spoons (and other parlor tricks).  Early on, Puharich hypnotized Geller seeking to find out the source of his skills. However, critics say Puharich used leading questions in his hypnotic projects and influenced Geller to state that THE NINE were the source of his powers.

In total, Puharich and Geller were together for two years in Israel. While there, things grew very strange. According to Picknett and Prince (who interviewed Geller directly), they encountered many paranormal experiences including UFOs and even objects teleporting through solid walls. Significantly, Geller, himself, was not a convert to THE NINE, even though he channeled them repeatedly during Puharich’s mentorship. Gellar found their pranks childish and ultimately unimpressive.  He was to say of them in August 1972: “I think somebody is playing games with us. Perhaps they are a civilization of clowns.”[xviii] By October 1973, Geller distanced himself from THE NINE. And apparently, after introducing Geller to the military, Geller was shipped off to SRI for research as mentioned in the prior chapter. It’s not clear how much contact Geller and Puharich maintained after this period.

However, the channeling of THE NINE continued at Puharich’s estate in Ossining, New York. A new group was formed called Lab Nine. New players included Sir John Whitmore and Phyllis Schlemmer. Also participating was Canada’s richest family, the Bronfman’s (the owners of the Seagram liquor business). “One famous name very much part of the Lab Nine scene in the mid-1970s was Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek.”[xix] Roddenberry’s participation in the group began in 1974. Whitmore commissioned Roddenberry to make a film called The Nine, but this project never saw the light of day.  Peter Levenda comments that pop-star John Denver was also a member of this group.  He was apparently interested in more than just a ‘rocky mountain high’.

Creator of Star Trek - Gene Roddenberry - Member of the Council of Nine

Creator of Star Trek – Gene Roddenberry – Member of the Council of Nine

Schlemmer was a noted and gifted medium—the next in the continuous stream Puharich continued to conjure up. (Her early-on claim to fame originated at her Catholic college where Catholic priests had her accompany them on exorcisms since she could see when the spirits left the possessed.)  Notably, Schlemmer channeled an extraterrestrial named “Tom” beginning in 1970. Eventually this Tom became the leading spokesperson for THE NINE. Puharich was instrumental in bringing all of these players (both human and not-so-human) together. For many years, THE NINE would explain their role in the galaxy, the creation of humankind, their involvement in our evolution, the relationship to Atlantis and to Egypt, and make many predictions, most of which didn’t come true.

What was the core message of THE NINE? They indicated extraterrestrials first came to Earth thirty-four thousand years ago. They were instrumental in the formations of the pyramids of Egypt and Central America. Soon they will make their presence known in a highly visible way (which continues to be postponed). Their name refers to The Great Ennead or nine gods of Egypt. Tom is supposedly Atum, the leader of the nine gods of Heliopolis.[xx]

What is their intent in communicating to us now? According to their ‘channelers’, they are disclosing themselves to select individuals to guide us in the days ahead. Unfortunately but predictably, their message smacks of the New Age writings of Alice Bailey, including her sinister assumption of anti-Semitism.[xxi] Interestingly, one of their tricks suggests they can do more than just talk:

On the evening of 26 November 1977, television broadcasts in parts of southern England were interrupted by a voice claiming to be a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, saying that they would be landing on Earth soon in order to prevent mankind from destroying itself. Dismissed as a student prank, few have noticed that the short message included this sentence: “We conveyed to Sir John Whitmore and to Dr. Puharich that we would interfere on your radio and television communication system to relay when the civilisations are coming close to landing on your planet.”[xxii] [Emphasis added]

NOTE: Knowing about the hidden puppet masters who were named in the Broadcast and witnessed by thousands probably wasn’t something that pranksters could have pulled off.

The Only Planet of Choice

But most importantly, in 1992 Schlemmer and Whitmore collaborated to publish a compilation of Tom’s “collected wisdom” in the book, The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space.  This popular work includes a front-page endorsement by James Hurtak (another amazing persona we discuss in a moment).

The Only Planet of Choice - A Channelled Book of Space Gods

The Only Planet of Choice – A Channelled Book of Space Gods

According to Picknett and Prince, Whitmore and Schlemmer continue to meet ‘to this day’ (as of 1999). The Only Planet of Choice continues to be a best-selling book and is standard reading for those obsessed with UFOs, extraterrestrials, and their soon appearance on Planet Earth.  To those inclined to verify details shared here, see

To complete the story of Andrija Puharich: His house in Ossining was burned down in 1978, after which he went to Mexico to study a physic surgeon, known by the name Pachita. After 1980, when he returned, he appeared to have no more contact with THE NINE. In 1995 he fell down the stairs in a South Carolina house lent to him by one of his followers, Joshua Reynolds III. This eventually led to his death.  Puharich would later blame the CIA for the fire, claiming that they were trying to stop his experiments with “The Geller Kids” (aka Space Kids, a subsequent joint effort with Geller) in which Puharich appeared to be using hypnosis to either detect the source of their psychic abilities or to plant suggestions into their heads about THE NINE.

For the kids’ sake at the very least, the fire couldn’t have come soon enough.

Perhaps it is significant that Andrija Puharich was described by [his close associate] Ira Einhorn as ‘the great psychic circus manager of this century’. He was certainly not averse to media attention, although he kept much of his work secret. In the 1960s he played himself in an episode of Perry Mason, appearing as an expert witness of psychic phenomena, yet much of his career remains sketchy, and he happily compounded the mystery by introducing inconsistencies and obvious evasions into his own account of his life and work.[xxiii]

This same Ira Einhorn, “confirmed Puharich’s determination to turn all psychic communication into contact with [THE NINE], and that he was ‘humanly directing’ the pattern of the channeling.”[xxiv]

Authors Picknett and Prince ask: “Could Puharich have manipulated [THE NINE’s] communications as part of some long-term experiment? Given his connections with intelligence agencies, was this part of a CIA program?”[xxv] “The evidence clearly suggests that the business of THE NINE was not an isolated series of paranormal events but an orchestrated drama, involving outside agencies…with Puharich running it from the inside.”[xxvi]

Exactly why Puharich took this course of action isn’t clear to Picknett and Prince. Neither is it clear if Puharich was a believer in the implied cosmology and the reality of THE NINE, or whether he was merely experimenting on behalf of the CIA with how groups of people become believers in outlandish notions involving the supernatural. Perhaps it was a sociological study such as conducted by Leon Festinger’s group during the events recorded in his book, When Prophecy Fails.

Peter Levenda - Sinister Forces, THE NINE

Peter Levenda – Sinister Forces, THE NINE

There is no question this is exactly what happened with the followers of Adolf Hitler. Conceivably this was the motivating force behind a deceptive experiment in America as well.  In other words, some suggest Puharich was conducting a program of disinformation merely to see how it affected others; in this instance, the author doesn’t share that view.  While someone or something may have been pulling the strings (including the life and activities of Andrija Puharich), it may not have been the U.S. Government.  Indeed, it may not have been any human entity whatsoever.[xxvii]

Alongside Dr. Puharich, Levenda’s “sinister forces” may have been at work.  Indeed, Levenda’s subtitle to his Sinister Forces is telling: “The Nine” is the only nine he references.

Announcing the new book, REVISING REALITY:  A BIBLICAL LOOK INTO THE COSMOS.  Available from Faith Happens September 15, 2016.

Authors:  Anthony Patch, Josh Peck, Gonzo Shimura, and S. Douglas Woodward (Editor)





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Flying Saucers and JFK - The Link between the Two Greatest Conspiracy Theories

Flying Saucers and JFK – The Link between the Two Greatest Conspiracy Theories


The Secret Space Program – Are Two Programs Better than One?

We begin by reminding the reader of the popular albeit rarely believed conspiracy theory, that NASA really didn’t go to the moon—the whole drama was a hoax.

Nick Redfern succinctly recaps the related story of a falsified mission to Mars with these words:

The Secret Space Program - The Public Program a Cover for the Secret One?

The Secret Space Program – The Public Program a Cover for the Secret One?

The 1978 release of the science-fiction/conspiracy movie Capricorn One added further fuel to the already scalding fire.  In the film, the crew of Capricorn One—played onscreen by James Brolin [father of Josh Brolin], Sam Waterston [of ‘Law and Order’ fame], and O.J. Simpson [surely, you will recall him]—is awaiting the liftoff of the rocket that will take them on the first manned mission to the planet Mars.  What the crew does not know, however, is that NASA has secretly learned that the ship’s life-support system is destined to completely fail, and, as a result, sending the three astronauts to the Red Planet will be akin to signing their death warrant.  The result:  NASA is forced to fake the Martian landing from inside an old aircraft hangar situated at a decommissioned military base somewhere in Texas.  At the time of this writing [Nick’s book was published in 2011], a remake of Capricorn One is in the works, which is sure to fan the flames of controversy surrounding the Apollo moon landings.

The first aspect of the idea of a ‘clandestine’ space program is that such a project was never completed.  We didn’t go to the moon.  We had our reasons for faking it—although never disclosed to the public.  It was our best kept secret.  However, nowadays this conspiracy is taken less seriously than the perspective that the earth is flat.[i]  Yet Redfern points out, keeping a secret when no more than five people know about it isn’t easy.  When 500,000 know the secret (the number of people involved in the Apollo space program), one can rest assured hoodwinking the public stretches credulity to the breaking point.  And yet, some space-age secrets are beyond much dispute.

Richard M. Dolan - UFOs and the National Security State

Richard M. Dolan – UFOs and the National Security State

Joseph P. Farrell’s account regarding the nature and fate of the most astounding wunderwaffe of the Nazi’s—The Bell—opens a ‘can of worms’ for conspiracy theorists in several realms.  During the course of explaining the possibilities and implications of this time-machine-cum weapon of mass destruction, we are provided as background a comprehensive treatment of what is known as “The Two Space Program Hypothesis” (which originated withauthor Richard M. Dolan).  As we discover, the theories regarding the true nature of the space program, i.e., the real goal of America’s race into space, are far more complex and menacing than we can possibly imagine—unless, of course, the reader has been influenced already by earlier articles posted here (and as presented “in whole” in Power Quest, Books 1 and 2).

Nevertheless, the ‘two space program’ hypothesis which purports key aspects of the ‘moon missions’ were fiction, is the considered opinion of English authors Farrell cites, Mary Bennett and Davis S. Percy, from their book Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistleblowers (1999)

Bennett and Percy promote the theory that Mission Control fabricated a number of story elements.  Theirs is a tale with quite a different twist, namely that the plans for space were laid out during World War II.  Supposedly, the superpowers (namely, the US, England, and the Soviet Union) worked together during the ‘moon’ phase in the 1960s; but their interests were never aligned with ‘the People’, representing a project organized by the Nazis at the end of the war before disbanding and escaping into the arms of the Russians and Americans—in effect ‘splitting the sheets’—between the superpowers, determining where the various Nazi scientists and technicians should go.[ii]

Bennett and Percy indicate that the Russians used ‘their Germans’ to teach students at the Universities in order to free themselves of the Nazis as soon as possible.  In contrast, America chose to put them in leadership positions in the program itself.

Dark Moon and the Whistle Blowers 1999

Dark Moon and the Whistle Blowers 1999

Most conveniently, at the end of WWII the political globe had been divided into two—one ‘public sector’ in the West and one private sector in the East.  What could be more simple than to exploit this division and lower the iron curtain in exactly the same ways the safety curtain comes down in the theater.  This ruse enabled the organizers of the space project to go to work in relative obscurity…In reality the objectives were not those of competition.  These two teams, while wearing different colours, were in truth on the same side.[iii]

However, exactly what these different teams commonly held to be true was startling and became the hidden motivation behind space exploration:  “We propose that the secret and subtle aspect… was the certain awareness by the authorities of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence” (emphasis added).  Moreover, the specific goal was a manned flight to Mars, with the moon only a stepping stone.  Yet, according to Farrell, Bennett and Percy “do not offer much to elaborate why they believe these things.”[iv] Indeed, not much is proffered other than the core of their argument which relies heavily upon their discovery of the discrepancy concerning the calculated ‘gravity of the moon’ (that is, as Sir Isaac Newton would calculate it) and the reality that the moon is much heavier. This epiphany would necessitate a different propulsion system for the Lunar Excursion Module (the ‘LEM’) in order to ‘lift off the moon’s surface’—an order of magnitude different than what NASA publicly explained.  Percy and Bennett’s leap in logic:  the power source must have been an exotic technology derived from the Third Reich’s 1940’s rocket science (or more precisely, a form of energy that went beyond the fuels and engines used in the V2 rocket).

While true that Von Braun had the moon on his mind much more than destroying suburbs in London with V2 Missiles, we must ask, “Does the evidence exist to support Von Braun’s wish to “explore space” rather than make weapons of war? [v]  Even if we grant that Nazi technology was decades ahead of Anglo-American or Russians science, saying Bennett and Percy’s theory is far-fetched doesn’t begin to describe the level of doubt most commentators would toss their way.  No wonder many reviewers found their suppositions ‘landing firmly in the outer space terrain’ marked with a figurative bold red stamp,Incredulous!”  Still, the mathematics regarding the anomaly of the moon’s real gravity (compared to what planetary physics would predict) is an intriguing scientific puzzler worthy of further study for those so inclined and possessing skills far surpassing this author’s!

Who Built the Moon?

Who Built the Moon?

However, some hints to get the investigation off the ground: there are those believing the moon hollow and likewise, others who believe it an artificial satellite (See the book, Who Built the Moon? by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler that explores these theories and makes a strong case that our moon is far more mysterious than we realize) .

Then again, before Apollo landed on the moon, some thought it made of green cheese or covered by 10 feet of “stardust” (technically space dust accumulated over billions of years).

Did NASA Participate in Kennedy’s Assassination?

The next entry in Farrell’s account consists of the amazing Torbitt Document, which in addition to offering yet another version of the ‘two-space program’ scenario, provides an amazing and widely unknown explanation for why John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  I must forewarn the reader to ‘strap yourself in’.  The suppositions are so fantastic this author is left wondering how anyone (sane or not) could possibly fabricate such claims. Nevertheless, the more one researches this topic, the more the allegations become more reasonable.  And the greater the evidence to support the ‘high strangeness’.

Kenn Thomas in his book about this subject, NASA, Nazis, and JFK:  The Torbitt Document and the JFK Assassination (1996) summarizes the amazing contentions it sets forth:  “It [the document] makes connections to such then-unknown governmental spy agencies as Defense Industrial Security Command [DISC] Division Five of the FBI [mentioned in Chapter 2]; it suggests that a former prime minister of Hungary was the infamous “umbrella man” seen in the Zapruder film; it introduces to the assassination lore such personalities as Fred Chrismon [sic, Crismon] as one of the railroad tramps behind the grassy knoll.” [vi]

The Torbitt Document - The Smoking Gun to Link Nazis to the JFK Assassination?

The Torbitt Document – The Smoking Gun to Link Nazis to the JFK Assassination?

We are compelled to ask like Butch and Sundance when astonished by the lawmen tracking them in the great western, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), “Who are those guys?”

  1. Crismon, we are told, is the famous critic of Ken Arnold, the ‘first man’ to claim seeing a UFO in America in ‘modern days’ (post-World War II, 1947) in the Seattle-Tacoma area a few weeks before the Roswell incident transpires. According to Jim Marrs, Crismon may have been a CIA operative responsible for ‘disruption’ of the exchange of materials to Wright-Patterson Field (later, Air Force Base). [vii]
  2. The former Hungarian prime minister is Ferenc Nagy; a puppet of the Nazis during World War II who was involved in the project as the leader of a “group of Eastern European exiles of right-wing political complexion.” [viii] (Of course, after our discussion from previous posts, involvement of eastern European Nazis in American affairs becomes ‘par for the course’).
  3. The Torbitt Document unmasks D.I.S.C., connecting it not only to the FBI but to NASA and to the Kennedy assassination.
How Far Did Nazi Spacecraft Go into Outer Space?

How Far Did Nazi Spacecraft Go into Outer Space?

Although a lengthy quotation, the devil is indeed in the details and deserves to be given a full hearing:

The killing of President Kennedy was planned and supervised by Division Five of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a relatively small department within the FBI whose usual duties are espionage and counter-espionage activities.

Actually, Division Five acted dually with the Defense Intelligence Agency which was acting on behalf of the Joints Chiefs of Staff (sic) in the Pentagon.  Directly under the two-pronged leadership of Division Five and the DIA was the Control Group, their highly secret police agency – the Defense Industrial Security Command.  The Defense Industrial Security Command has always been kept secret because it acts, in addition to its two official control organizations, on behalf of NASA, the Atomic Energy Commission, U.S. Information Agency, and the arms, equipment, ammunition, munitions and related miscellaneous supply manufacturing corporations contracting with NASA, the AEC, USIA, and the Pentagon…(emphasis added).

The [DISC] had its beginnings when J. Edgar Hoover in the early 1930’s organized the police force of the Tennessee Valley Authority at the request of David Lilienthal… This was one of the first federal agencies with a separate police force.  This force grew and Lilienthal took it forward to cover the Atomic Energy Commission, thus tying it into the army intelligence service [emphasis added]…

A Swiss corporation, Permindex, was used to head five front organizations responsible for furnishing personnel and supervisors to carry out assigned duties (in the assassination).

The five groups under Permindex and their supervisors were:

  1. The Czarist Russian, eastern European and Middle East exile organization called SOLIDARISTS, (sic) headed by Ferenc Nagy, ex-Hungarian premier, and John Demenil, Russian exile from Houston, Texas, a close friend and supporter of Lyndon Johnson for over thirty years.
  2. A section of the AMERICAN COUNCIL OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES headed by H.L. Hunt [of ‘Hunt brothers’ fame] of Dallas, Texas.
  3. A Cuban exile group called FREE CUBA COMMITTEE headed by Carlos Prio Socarras, ex-Cuban president.
  4. An organization of United States, Caribbean, and Havana, Cuba gamblers called the Syndicate… This group worked closely with a Mafia family headed by Joe Bonanno.
  5. The SECURITY DIVISION of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) headed by Werner Von Braun, head of the German Nazi rocket program from 1932 through 1945 [Farrell notes the date is inaccurate since Hitler didn’t take power until January 30, 1933]. Headquarters for this group was the DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL SECURITY COMMAND at Muscle Shoals Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.[ix]

Who are these new players the Torbitt Document adds to the folklore surrounding the Kennedy shooting?

  • First, H.L. Hunt hiding behind what may have been a seemingly Christian front (ACCC) to launder money for use in liberating Cuba—an organization like many created by the intelligence community for sinister purposes (Note: Apparently Col. Oliver “Ollie” North, now FOX NEWS correspondent, was not the first American military man to divert funds to a revolutionary cause!)
  • Secondly, the European exiles, supporters of Hitler, who were led by Ferenc Nagy.
  • Thirdly, NASA’s D.I.S.C. unit was under the direct control at that time by Von Braun (implicating him in the conspiracy).
  • And fourthly, the Permindex Corporation, another shadowy corporation with an interesting Board of Directors that included no less than Clay Shaw, the person indicted by Attorney General Jim Garrison for the Kennedy assassination.

However, Clay Shaw wasn’t the only notorious character at Permindex Board meetings.  According to Kenn Thomas, an unnamed Italian fascist also attended who was the son-in-law of Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s finance minister (president of the Reichsbank), and would therefore make him the brother-in-law to Otto Skorzeny, the tall SS commander-cum-Nazi-Indiana-Jones who supposedly discovered Solomon’s Treasure (discussed in Chapter Five of Power Quest, Book One).  When it comes to ‘connecting’ the Nazis, it’s a small welt after all.   

Power Quest, Book One: America's Obsession with the Paranormal

Power Quest, Book One: America’s Obsession with the Paranormal

Moreover, we must then ask, “Who backed Permindex?” As we go on to name names, the plot thickens so much it grows hard to stir.

The principal financiers of Permindex were a number of U.S. oil companies, H. L. Hunt of Dallas, Clint Murchison of Dallas, John Demenil, Solidarist director of Houston, John Connally as executor of the Sid Richardson estate, Halliburton Oil Co., Senator Robert Kerr of Oklahoma, Troy Post of Dallas, Lloyd Cobb of New Orleans, Dr. Oechner of New Orleans, George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root, Houston, Attorney Roy M. Cohn, Chairman of the Board for Lionel Corporation, New York City, Schlemley Industries of New York City, Walter Dornberger, ex-Nazi general and his company, Bell Aerospace,[x] Pan American World Airways and its subsidiary, Intercontinental Hotel Corporation.

The Torbitt Document isn’t the only manuscript to collect these names in one place.  Author Russ Baker in his book Family of Secrets (to which we referred in Book One of Power Quest) also corroborates these persons as the major players in the Kennedy assassination.  Baker recounts the shadowy circumstances which, taken together, appear to implicate the Bush family, with a young George H.W. Bush (“Poppy”), perhaps serving as a point man for the CIA ‘higher-ups’ in the Kennedy plotting and ‘executive action’.[xi]  From a recap supplied at the web site for Baker’s book, we are supplied a provocative summary of particulars pleading for further explanation:

Baker presents three faces of George H. W. Bush: the one who cannot remember where he was on November 22, 1963; the one identified (in a declassified FBI memo about the assassination) as a CIA officer working with Cuban exiles; and the one who, identifying himself as an ordinary citizen, calls in a tip on a potential assassin.

Family of Secrets - Russ Baker

Family of Secrets – Russ Baker

“At 1:45 pm on November 22,” Baker reports, Bush Sr. “called the FBI to identify James Parrott as a possible suspect in the president’s murder, and to mention that he, George H.W. Bush, happened to be in Tyler, Texas.” That is, not in Dallas (at least not at that precise moment). While Poppy was making the call fingering Mr. Parrott, Baker writes, Poppy’s own assistant was visiting the suspect at home-thus enabling the Bush aide to provide Parrott with an alibi. This evidentiary daisy-chain begs what follows: an exhaustive examination of Bush’s own furtive activities and his whereabouts that day—and his close ties to a large gallery of intelligence operatives who played a role in the events unfolding in Dallas. Among the subjects of interest: Allen Dulles, a former business associate and close friend of Poppy’s father, the former banker, Senator Prescott Bush. Dulles had been forced out of his post as CIA director by John F. Kennedy-who spent his three years in office virtually at war with the uncontrollable spy agency. Another important figure was Bush’s old friend George de Mohrenschildt, a mentor to Lee Harvey Oswald in the months before the shooting. More than a decade later, after Bush had become CIA director, De Mohrenschildt wrote him a panicked note mentioning Oswald; six months later, De Mohrenschildt was dead from what was described by local police as a self-inflicted shotgun blast.

Baker contextualizes these troubling events by establishing the extent to which Kennedy had alienated the powerful—from the CIA to the FBI leadership, from the mafia to the oil industry, from the Pentagon to major corporate figures. He also demonstrates the crucial role the Bush dynasty, through five generations, played in loyally advancing the agendas of many of these same interests.

All that Baker failed to pick up on in his study was the possible role that Von Braun and other Nazis, firmly entrenched in NASA at the time of Kennedy’s murder, may have played in the JFK conspiracy.

Arthur M. Young

Arthur M. Young

As if these happenstances aren’t enough to cause one to scratch his or her head, Peter Levenda adds an additional layer of intrigue by pointing out that Maria and Harvey Oswald were living at the time with Michael and Ruth Paine in Dallas.  It seems Paine was the employee of Walter Dornberger, former Nazi and then President of Bell Helicopter, and—take a breath—the son-in-law of Arthur M. Young (born in Paris in 1905 and died in Berkeley California in 1995),[xii] one of Andrija Puharich’s best friends, member of THE NINE séance groups [An Ancient Alien episode recently broadcasts, discusses THE NINE, which I discuss in detail in Power Quest], and founder/inventor for Bell Helicopter.  Levenda emphasizes this linkage hasn’t been previously discussed in the JFK story and was quickly covered up by Allen Dulles.

This—admittedly circumstantial—piece of evidence, coupled with [Allen] Dulles’ [then head of the CIA and member of the Warren Commission examining the Kennedy assassination] omission of his prior acquaintance with Michael and Ruth Paine, as well as the Commission’s not firmly establishing Michael Paine’s curriculum vitae or following up on his war record, or delving more closely into the background of Arthur Young, indicates the presence of a hidden agenda.  The author would like to propose that the connection to Arthur Young through the Paine’s is a smoking gun, indicative of another level of covert activity that has not been explored by the Warren Commission or by the later House Sub-Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).

Arthur Young’s travels with Andrija Puharich to Mexico and elsewhere, and his long support of Puharich’s Round Table Foundation, as well as his inclusion in the first “séance of The Nine,” may reveal an intelligence operation—a truly bizarre intelligence operation—that is connected to the Oswald affair.  Puharich… was working for either [sic] Army intelligence, the CIA, or more probably some combination of the two, out of Fort Detrick, which was a staging ground for both… This incestuous tangle of friends, lovers, relatives, mothers, sons, in-laws, co-workers and intelligence agents is an aspect of the Kennedy assassination that has never been adequately investigated.[xiii] [Emphasis added]

Here in one mysterious but well-documented character of recent history, we have all the components present and well-connected:  The occult philosophy, the ‘new physics’ (Young wrote a 1976 book called The Reflexive Universe—Evolution of Consciousness), military and industrial power, intelligence services, and only one degree of separation removed from the assassination of the American president who many suppose was ready to spill the beans to the public about the stunning involvement of Nazis in the government; or to double-cross the military with a Russian truce based upon combining forces in a joint operation of landing on the moon’s surface. As author James W. Douglass wrote in his 2008 book, JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters,

In our Cold War history, the Unspeakable was the void in our government’s covert-action doctrine of ‘plausible deniability,’ sanctioned by the June 18, 1948, National Security Council directive NSC 10/2. Under the direction of Allen Dulles, the CIA interpreted ‘plausible deniability’ as a green light to assassinate national leaders, overthrow governments, and lie to cover up any trace of accountability—all for the sake of promoting U.S. interests and maintaining our nuclear-backed dominance over the Soviet Union and other nations… that void of accountability for the CIA and our other security agencies, seen as necessary for covert crimes to protect our nuclear weapons primacy, made possible the JFK assassination and cover-up. While I wrote and acted in resistance to nuclear weapons that could kill millions, I remained oblivious of the fact that their existence at the heart of our national security state underlay the assassination of a president turning toward disarmament. [xiv]

The Motive for Killing Kennedy—Follow the Money

However accurate (or not) the details of the Torbitt Document are, the mountain of research surrounding ‘why Kennedy was killed’ coalesces in a coherent, although surprisingly unfamiliar view of what really happened at this monumental point in our history.

Obviously, the profit motives were writ large: ‘Big Oil’ wanted to assure its hegemony in the world of energy, military contractors wanted to enjoy the resultant expansion of the war in Vietnam, and the power grab was effective for a number of ‘hawkish’ American politicians. Most notably benefitting was the newly-ascended President Lyndon Johnson, as well as other U.S. presidents on down-the-line, specifically the sons of Prescott Bush—who were all tightly connected to the CIA establishment that Kennedy detested.  Consequently, the reasons for ‘taking Kennedy out’ are unequivocal:  Kennedy represented a mortal threat and a roadblock.  His views were regarded as pacifist and naïve.  For those who schemed (and the author is sure that at least some of these characters named above did), it became urgent to take America down a very different path, one prepared and paved with morality, patriotism, a new military vision, and most of all, the promise for America to achieve world-wide economic and political power. The time to assert an unequivocal American empire had arrived.  Absorbing Nazis into our cause, (who hated Bolsheviks even more than we did), America was ready to create a ‘kinder, gentler’ empire which German fascists pictured for themselves.  Rather than justifying it as the desire to create a ‘master race’, American reasoning would be ‘making the world safe for Democracy’—and Capitalism of course.  If U.S. corporations and banks profited from our ‘sacred’ dominion, so much the better.

Marrs provides a cautionary caveat ‘just to be clear’:

No serious assassination researcher truly believes that Kennedy was killed solely by German Nazis.  But, as previously reported, men with Nazi connections—before, during, and after World War II—who were also members of secret societies, were most opposed to Kennedy’s policies.  They also had the power and influence to affect such an assassination and certainly were capable of blocking any meaningful investigation—whether by government or the media-right up to today.[xv]

The Joint Space Program Initiative

One of the remarkable aspects of the ‘space race’ that is generally overlooked relates to Kennedy’s proposal to Khrushchev the U.S. and the Soviets team to ‘conquer’ the moon.  On five separate occasions, Kennedy publicly proposed this to the Soviet Premier. Eventually, as if worn down, Khrushchev agreed.  His son Sergei explained in the October, 1999 issue of American Heritage Magazine:

“…that same August [1963], Kennedy sent Father a proposal about joining Soviet and American forces for a flight to the moon. He had first mentioned the idea in Vienna, in June 1961, but at the time Father hadn’t replied…”

On PBS, Sergei Khrushchev offered these insights:

“… in the August of 1963, President Kennedy met with the Soviet Ambassador Dobrinyin, and then he spoke to the United Nations. He offered once more to join the efforts, and at that time my father was very serious. I walked with him, sometime in late October or November, and he told me about all these things. He told me that we have to think about this and maybe accept this idea … “He thought also of the political achievement of all these things, that then they would begin to trust each other much more ….”

Kennedy and Khrushchev - The Space Race Detrimental to their Fates

Kennedy and Khrushchev – The Space Race Detrimental to their Fates

But two months later, Kennedy was killed.  In 1999, Sergei Khrushchev speculated:

The Cold War might have ended in 1969 … an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut might have stepped onto the moon’s surface together.  But life turned out differently. In November 1963 John F. Kennedy died, and a year later, in October 1964, my father was removed from power. The leaders who replaced Father hurried to ‘correct his mistakes’ by giving a new impetus to the arms race and producing tens of thousands of tactical nuclear weapons. By 1989 the Soviet army had seven thousand nuclear cannon.”[xvi]

David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland speculate the real reason for the space race détente owes to the hypothesis Kennedy knew the human race must unite to prepare for the hidden knowledge: we are not alone in the cosmos.  Pondering these questions, Wilcock and Hoagland betray their personal spiritual quest seeking ultimate answers from the frontiers of outer space.

Why, despite his public “Cold War” rhetoric, was John Kennedy so obviously determined privately to send young astronauts and cosmonauts jointly to the Moon!?  What, in his mind, could have been waiting there … which might have the power to unify a world? And why, after years of stubbornly declining, was Premier Khrushchev suddenly persuaded to agree …?  The answers—when we do return—may surprise and save us all—A New Frontier… of Hope. [xvii]

The Watershed in Modern American History

The godless Soviet Union, whether it represented a real threat or not (which is often debated by historians who point to the pathetically poor Soviet economy unable to sustain the arms race), was our justification for a relentless expansion of American military power.  No doubt, military prowess stands as one of the pillars of American exceptionalismBut is it possible our unique superpower status today is based upon lies and deception, murder and intrigue, Nazi technology, and the murder of a president?

The moral lesson seems clear.  Surely we were paranoid of the Soviets.  And yet, we were led down the path to world domination by our own ambition.  This does not mean that the American system of government is wrong-headed.  Nor does it mean that Soviet Marxism is equally worthy of endorsement.

Our country retains the best system of government guarantying the greatest amount of freedom for hundreds of millions.  It still stands as the best hope for thousands who emigrate to our shores. But our preeminence as that ‘shining city on a hill’—for those willing to face the facts we’ve just covered—stands much more sullied and tainted.

Therefore, regardless of exactly who was involved, after Kennedy’s assassination there was a ‘changing of the guard’; this transition became the watershed of modern American history.  Slowly, quietly, and sometimes perniciously, our government would grow bigger and more centralized.  This process was more than the welfare state of Lyndon Johnson which added millions of poor to the government ‘dole’.  It was more than the dramatic growth in military spending demanded by the war in Vietnam. It was accentuated by the frightening advance of some aspects of our intelligence services—increasingly infringing upon personal liberties and human dignity (which has become painfully public since I first wrote these words almost four years ago now).  Finally, it included a non-partisan plan to forge a much stronger tie between government and business.  Hitler’s occultic despotism was deplorable—but just maybe the efficiency of a fascist economy wasn’t such a bad idea.

After all, we should remember the cold war was won by economics, not the military.  As Richard Nixon prescribed in his post-presidential book, The Real War (1990), our victory was won by out-producing the Soviets.  Our victory was based on the fact that Capitalism encompasses a much more realistic and powerful economic theory, based as it is on the reality of humanity’s desire to prosper.  It stands in stark contrast to Communist theory built upon a somewhat obscure proposition that humankind’s biggest problem rests in ‘alienation from our work’.

Reagan and Gorbechev

Reagan and Gorbachev

However, what is not as clearly articulated by Nixon’s prescription for achieving an American victory over Communism, concerns the fact Capitalism had morphed into an American brand of Fascism—with less government interference as proffered by the Soviets—exciting levels of production far exceeding what ‘the bad guys’ could match.  But America was no longer the same. The American Dream was changing.  Big Business in America was becoming America’s biggest business.   To maximize growth and achieve the American Empire, government would manage monopolies less and diminish individual liberties more.  Wall Street would be regulated less and the middle class reduced in status and power. The 1950s became the high water mark for the life of the common man in the USA.

Nonetheless, in the 1960s, with the specter of the Soviet Union fresh in everyone’s minds following the near-miss Atomic War with the Soviets (aka the Cuban Missile Crisis); as well as the long-term, ongoing and escalating war in Southeast Asia, America became determined to strengthen its military and ensure its capacity to take on our enemies behind the Iron Curtain; to win victory in the fight for ‘the American Way’.

But at what expense did we acquire victory?  What was sacrificed by America in this process?   The author believes we forfeited nothing less than the key tenet of why America was founded in the first place: to construct a government serving ‘the People’ foremost, above the rich, the royal, and the powerfulThe ‘new American way’ was no longer the same way America progressed before Kennedy was killed.  America would not be the same again—even after defeating the Soviets winning the cold war at the end of the 1980s.

S. Douglas Woodward’s books are available from  Click HERE to go to his author page. 


[i] Which incidentally, the pictures taken from the moon of the bright shining orb we know as Earth put to bed forever this medieval ‘perspective’, just in case the reader hasn’t drawn this conclusion already.

[ii] Farrell, The Brotherhood of the Bell, p. 120.

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[v] An allusion to the old Perry Como song, Fly Me to the Moon (and “let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars”).

[vi] Ibid., p. 57, quoting Kenn Thomas, NASA, Nazis, and JFK:  The Torbitt Document and the JFK Assassination, Kempton, Illinois:  Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996), p. 6.

[vii] “According to CIA files, Crisman [sic, Crismon] too was a member of the OSS during World War II, serving as a liaison officer with the British Royal Air Force. At the end of the war, Crisman, supposedly discharged from the military, entered a special OSS Internal Security School and was quietly transferred to the newly formed CIA (the CIA was chartered in 1947), where he operated as an “extended agent”, primarily as an internal security specialist in “disruption” activities. The files show Crisman was involved in a highly classified subsection of Internal Security known as 1Sece, Easy Section, a disruption planning unit whose very existence was denied by the CIA. The CIA documents detailed Crisman’s activities over the years—including secret reports to the agency on military officers during the Korean War and company officials while working for Boeing in Seattle—but no mention of the Maury Island affair.”  From Jim Marr’s Alien Agenda, cited from the web site:

[viii] Ibid., p. 60.

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[x] Regarding Dornberger, the Torbitt Document comments:  “The Nazi scientists [were] on management level also in the munitions and aerospace industry.  Walter Dornberger, the Nazi general, left the space agency in the 1950’s (sic) to become a high official in Bell Aerospace Corporation and he was followed by over thirty of the Nazi scientists to [the] control level in the corporations manufacturing munitions and aerospace material.” (The Torbitt Document, p. 85, cited from The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, Farrell, p. 65).

[xi] The reader will recall that the phrase Executive action is a euphemism for assassination by intelligence agencies.

[xii] He also founded “Institute for the Study of Consciousness” at Berkeley. Additionally, it is noteworthy to cite his marriage connections: Young married Priscilla Page in 1933. He was divorced from Priscilla in 1948, and later that year, married artist Ruth Forbes (1903–1998) of the Boston Forbes family, a great-granddaughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the mother of Michael Paine.  Marina Oswald lived with their daughter Ruth Paine when Oswald supposedly shot Kennedy.

[xiii] Levenda, op. cit., p. 273.

[xiv] The details of Kennedy’s plan with Khrushchev to ‘scale back the rhetoric’ and bring a truce to the U.S.-Soviet relationship is well researched and set forth compelling in this book, JFK and the Unspeakable:  Why He Died & Why It Matters, by James W. Douglass, New York: Orbis Books, 2008, Kindle Location, 222.

[xv] Marrs, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, p. 228.

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Date: 11.16.1963 Title: Seamans, von Braun and President Kennedy at Cape Canaveral Description: Dr. Wernher von Braun explains the Saturn Launch System to President John F. Kennedy.

Date: 11.16.1963
Title: Seamans, von Braun and President Kennedy at Cape Canaveral
Description: Dr. Wernher von Braun explains the Saturn Launch System to President John F. Kennedy.

Are Flying Saucers Connected to the Assassination of JFK?

The intelligence connection to the UFO controversy plunge us ever deeper into mystery and intrigue.

Throughout Power Quest Book 2 (PQ,B2), I explore the intelligence angle on almost all the topics taken up.  Consequently (and undeniably), the possibility of disinformation looms large on almost every one of my chosen subjects.  Nevertheless, as the scope and depth of the study  conveys, the stunning linkages between the many astonishing issues seems, on their own account, to lend credibility to the conclusions offered.  For how can the coincidences be accidental when there are so many to mention and they reinforce one another?

Nowhere is this more evident than the links between the alleged conspirators portrayed in Oliver Stone’s award-winning movie, JFK (1991) [i] and America’s ‘first episode in its ongoing UFO adventure series’.  To pick up on this story line, we turn to author Alex Constantine’s discussion on CIA intelligence operations surrounding UFOs and their connection to John F. Kennedy’s destiny in Dallas.

Clay Shaw, a confirmed CIA operative by Congress, was indicted by James Garrison for the JFK Assassination

Clay Shaw, a confirmed CIA operative by Congress, was indicted by James Garrison for the JFK Assassination

Moviegoers will remember the odd and sometimes reprehensible characters portrayed in Stone’s telling of the story.  There was Clay Shaw, played by Tommy Lee Jones, who was indicted by New Orleans District Attorney James Garrison, played by Kevin Costner.  Shaw was the focus of Garrison’s ‘conspiracy to commit murder’ case.  There was also the ‘former FBI agent’ Guy Banister portrayed by Ed Asner, who supervised Lee Harvey Oswald during his New Orleans’ anti-communist activist days, the summer before the assassination. And of course, Oscar-nominated actor Gary Oldman’s Oswald captured that ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ moment when Oswald realized that he, at least in Stone’s account, was set up to be the fall guy in the assassination plot.

According to another researcher Constantine cites (author Paris Flammonde), a fateful meeting transpired years before Dallas, during World War II between this same Clay Shaw (who had been the wartime aide de camp to General Charles Thrasher) and two prominent Nazi-cum-American scientists.  After his service to Thrasher, Shaw became deputy chief of staff at a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp.  It was there Shaw met Werner von Braun and Walter Dornberger (who led the German V-2 program working with von Braun) along with 150 other Germany scientists who would soon be ushered out of Germany in the Nazi scientist migration scheme known as ‘Operation Paperclip’ (discussed in more detail in Power Quest Book 2, chapter 6).

Walter Dornberger, Project Director for the V2.

Walter Dornberger, Project Director for the V2.

Shaw maintained this relationship over the years “through their mutual connection with the Defense Industrial Security Command, or D.I.S.C., an operational arm of the counterespionage division of the FBI.”[ii]  And then we learn of the UFO connection when we least expect it. 

When Shaw was arrested by District Attorney Garrison years later in New Orleans, who should Shaw call but one infamous fellow named Fred Crisman? For those readers who don’t recognize the name, it is Crisman who is associated with the UFO sightings barely predating the Roswell incident of 1947 in the so-called ‘Maurey Island affair’ near Tacoma, Washington (Crimson would later be subpoenaed by the 1979 Congressional Committee investigating the Kennedy Assassination).  So we must ask, “Why was Shaw calling Crisman?  What relationship could they possibly have?  Is it just coincidental Shaw knew von Braun, Dornberger, the details of Operation Paperclip, and regarded Crisman (the UFO observer) as a friend who could help when a federal prosecutor was hot on his trail?”

The story surrounding the Maurey Island UFO affair alleges that Crisman found ‘slag fragments’ of supposed downed saucers which he handed off to two intelligence officers from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the Ohio military base at the heart of the Air Force’s investigation of the entire UFO episode.  Unfortunately, these officers were killed when their plane crashed; giving rise to speculation the aircraft had been sabotaged.  Additionally, please note: the speculation never culminated in any satisfactory resolution to the story.

According to Constantine, quoting Anthony Kimery an investigative reporter from Washington D.C., Crisman “knew a lot more about the aircraft ‘witnesses’ saw than he acknowledged—aircraft some intelligence sources believe were hybrids of those designed early that decade by Nazi engineers who were brought to the U.S. under Project Paperclip.”[iii]  Nazis and UFOs — like peas in a pod?

Then there is the appearance of Guy Bannister in the same storyline. Constantine comments:

In 1947, Banister reported the discovery of a ‘flying disk’ in Twin Falls, Idaho, according to a July 11, 1947 Associated Press report.  The saucer measured roughly 30.5’ across, and “appeared to have been turned out by a machine,” possibly as a prototype [according to Banister].

Suspects in the John Kennedy assassination had a pronounced knack for stumbling onto the “unexplained” flying disks.

It is a commentary on the UFO/mind control/intelligence connection that the counterterrorist unit of the FBI already tied to Shaw and Crisman, Division Five—the Nazi division—also employed Guy Banister, and has been largely responsible for the development of a form of remote brain manipulation known as Ultrasonic Intra-Cerebral Control. [iii]

So once again, the plot thickens. Now the subject of mind control surfaces.  This author imagines the reader grumbling about how we’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire:  UFOs.  The JFK assassination.  Mind control.  Should we put on our tin-foil hats? There seems to be no obvious correlation amongst these amazing stories and their surprising facts.  But can we connect the dots?  Or is this just another fantasy offered up by hyper-active minds fond of conspiracy theories?  On the other hand, could these astounding connections be better explained as evidence of ‘disinformation’ spun by master intelligence officers with a checkered past?

Roswell and the Reich

If the reader will allow me to connect the timing of Bannister’s story to the Roswell incident—the seminal UFO incident raging in the press commenced a mere three days earlier—it seems extraordinary to contemplate that the only connection between these incidents is purely an ‘alien UFO encounter’.   As Farrell points out convincingly in his book Roswell and the Reich, when the facts are painstakingly evaluated, the evidence for a ‘spacecraft’ manned by extraterrestrials is choosing the least likely explanation.  This may be the story officials want us to believe.  However, it remains unwedded to almost all of the best-known facts.

Even Nick Redfern, a noted UFologist (and author I turn to later in PQ,B2) recommends Farrell’s carefully written work by citing the ‘publishers blurb’ in his blog on February 10, 2010.

In Roswell and the Reich alternative science and history researcher Joseph P. Farrell presents a very different scenario of what crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, and why the U.S. military has continued its cover-up to this day. By means of a meticulous review of the best-known Roswell research from both UFO-ET advocates and skeptics alike, as well as some not-so-well known Roswell research, Farrell presents a fascinating case sure to disturb both ET believer and skeptic alike, namely, that what crashed may have been representative of an independent postwar Nazi power, an extraterritorial Reich monitoring its old enemy, America, and its continuing developments of the very technologies it confiscated from Germany at the end of the war.[iv]

Joseph P. Farrell's Roswell and the Reich

Joseph P. Farrell’s Roswell and the Reich

Farrell’s book is not bed-time reading (his books seldom are).  This one is particularly difficult because it reads like a detailed legal brief, examining the testimony meticulously, invalidating witnesses, and ruling out evidence with the precision of a scalpel.  Nevertheless, after one has plodded through it, the conclusion is compelling.  There are no reasons to postulate an extraterrestrial event at all.  There were no bodies—and even if there were, there are no logical arguments to suppose them extraterrestrial.  While there were undeniable sightings and even extraordinary artifacts (various metals with no similitude to anything experimental in western laboratories, let alone in use), there was no solid rationale to suppose anything other than a terrestrial explanation.  Furthermore, the probability of infiltration by military intelligence personnel into the Roswell research community was undeniable.  The most significant and credible authors all had intelligence backgrounds!  Was this a case of the foxes being left to guard the hen house?  If so, perhaps they knew where the bodies were buried—except the alien bodies so it seems.

There are consequently two datasets that any theory of the Roswell Incident must seek to rationalize:  (1) the debris, the description of which is consistent across time and various witnesses as has been seen in the previous pages, and (2) the bodies, the description of which is not consistent over time nor over several witnesses in spite of claims to the contrary, and moreover whose witnesses have in turn either been impeached, or shown to be based upon second-hand-and-dead man’s testimony in many instances, or whom other data has revealed were unlikely to have been in the area in order actually to see such bodies. [v]

In summary, any theory that seeks to explain Roswell must answer two incontrovertible facts:  There were extraordinary, unknown metals with mysterious properties discovered on July 8th, 1947 at Roswell that absolutely originate from a source outside of America. Secondly, the evidence Farrell recounts argues that no bodies were found at the crash site.  If intelligent beings were flying these crafts, they were guiding them remotely.  (Not exactly outlandish given that all of the V1 and V2 rockets that hit London suburbs were un-piloted aircraft.)

Farrell progresses toward concluding the matter with this statement:

By July of 1947, there were abundant clues that were beginning to be pieced together by American intelligence that Nazism had survived not only in isolated enclaves, but that it was an organized international force.  And by the mid-1950s, it was abundantly clear to the U.S. Air Force that those Nazis had continued to research independently their most extraordinary projects and sciences, and that they were making penetrations into the most sensitive areas of the American military-industrial-intelligence complex.[vi] [Emphasis added]

Likewise, from the first reactions of Roswell in 1947 to the Robertson Panel in 1953, not only Farrell but Constantine assures us that the experts had an agenda to keep these military secrets ‘under wraps’.  It was their concerted opinion to educate the public in what the experts wanted it to believe—for the sake of national interests.  Keeping the public calm was best achieved by distributing the disinformation of outer space visitations—a position beginning in 1960 the government would reverse.  Meanwhile, better to keep the whole possibility of Nazis buried and control the masses however it could.  At the time, inventing an alien religion for the kooks was not a bad option.  Therefore, The Robertson Panel concluded:

“This education could be accomplished by mass media, [especially] television, motion pictures and popular articles.”  The panel advised that mental health professionals familiar with mob psychology should design the “education” program. It also recommended that UFO organizations should be surveilled “because of their potentially great influence on mass thinking if widespread sightings should occur.  The apparent irresponsibility and the possible use of such groups for subversive purposes should be kept in mind.” [Comment and emphasis in original][vii]

As a result of these recommendations UFO enthusiasts would be watched carefully.  Who knew how much trouble they might stir up?  After all, the Panel concluded that the so-called Foo-fighters experienced by Allied pilots toward the end of World War II were probably nothing more than an exotic form of technology developed by the Nazis and/or Japanese with no real risk to national security.  No less an authority than the famous combat pilot Jimmy Doolittle (known for the 1942 Tokyo raid) cited this conclusion in his report requested by the Panel.[viii]

So it was agreed then:  it’s best to keep the public in the dark while we play catch up with the Nazis—whoever they are and wherever they might be.

The Possible Base of Operations

So the obvious question arises, “Where were these operations conducted, if they really were the result of rogue Nazi activity after World War II?  That is, apart from captured Nazis post-World War II now working within the military programs of the U.S. or Soviet Union (which some have suggested was a game of ‘OUR Nazis are better than YOUR Nazis!), is there any evidence that points to the location accommodating this potentially threatening activity?

There are two alternatives frequently discussed:  One location is barely possible while the other location is firmly accepted with a mountain of historical data proving it a safe haven for Nazis.  We will consider them both in order.

First up, we examine the fantastic possibility that at the end of the War, a German flotilla of U-boats headed to Antarctica and set up shop in an acknowledged German naval base there.

Henry Stevens, a notable researcher and author of ‘what happened to Nazi technological inventions’, ‘secret German naval bases’ and German flying saucers, addresses this question regarding ‘the where’ with some compelling details in his book, Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology. 

According to Stevens, the Allies believed many Nazi scientists survived the war and established themselves in one or both Polar Regions, residing under the ice to remain covert.  It seems evidence soon arose inferring Nazis were alive and operating with total latitude.  This possibility led the U.S. military to take action.  Stevens comments:

The U.S. military spent huge amounts of time, money and manpower in the years following the war in secret missions, flying over the Arctic.  This is no secret now since we have the testimony of Col. Wendele Stevens who took part in these operations while serving in the USAF.  In these operations, B-29 bombers were outfitted with the latest electromagnetic sensing gear and flown all over the American and [apparently Stevens is speaking generally of ‘North American’ and specifically] Canadian Arctic allegedly looking for “flying saucers.”  According to Wendele, when they were sighted, they were filmed and the film and recorded measurements were spirited way to Washington D.C.  Nothing was ever heard of them afterward.[ix]  [Comment mine]

However, the most intriguing location is at the opposite side of the earth—the South Pole where many Nazis may have been holed up for over five decades, creating their own subterranean ice society.  Stevens provides this recap:

UFologists are always describing UFOs as originating in Antarctica.  Certainly, the theme is familiar to everyone through science fiction movies.  Some think Atlantis may be buried deep under the ice.  Many nations currently have research bases in Antarctica.  Their German base at Neuschwabenland was active, at least on some level, during the Second World War and may have served as a last refuge for Nazi die-hards after the conflict.

Not only do these theories exist but there are all sorts of combinations of the theories mentioned above.  Did the Germans locate their base in Antarctica because the Ahnenerbe, the SS racial-archeological organization, found evidence of a lost civilization?  Or did the Germans or any of the other nationalities involved in Antarctica make contact with an extraterrestrial presence located on that continent, a theory recently revamped by Dr. Michael E. Salla?[x]

To unpack this passage, we should point out there is a geological rationale suggesting how humans could survive, albeit a Spartan existence, at the South Pole.  Stevens explains there rests a very deep warm water lake, heated geothermically, and named Lake Vostok with a depth of over 2,000 feet, 300 miles from the exact spot of the South Pole.  The lake maintains hospitable temperatures in the 60s despite being covered in places by an ice dome reaching 2,500 feet in height.  Volcanic activity heats up the water continuously and provides a natural means to generate energy.

Lake Vostok at the South Pole, 3D Image

Lake Vostok at the South Pole, 3D Image

The lake is unique for another very distinct reason:  it is the only lake known to be overseen by the National Security Agency.[xi] Why would a U.S. security agency, namely the NSA, care about what is going on at the South Pole?  Isn’t it a bit south of our border?  Some researchers suggest the reason lies in the fact this area contains far more than ice, snow, and unexpectedly warm water.  The intrigue dates back to the famed but short-lived expedition of Admiral Byrd in 1946 where a dramatic magnetic anomaly was discovered measuring “1,000 nanoteslas of variance with the surrounding vicinity.  One scientist jumped on this publicly and began to debunk its significance but the fact remains that the best and most probably [sic] answer as to the origin of this vast magnetic disturbance is the presence of a massive amount of metal.  Metal as in a buried city.”[xii]

Then Stevens draws out the enigma associated with this discovery (which happens to be a favorite Nazi myth, the so-called ‘Secret Doctrine’):  “This brings us right back to the mystery-school of Antarctica.  Is this metal the remains of Atlantis?  Is it the underground city said by some to have been built by the Germans, Neu-Berlin?  Is this an extraterrestrial base?  With the NSA involved, the only thing for certain is that we learn the answer to this mystery anytime soon…”[xiii]  And since the NSA is still there, another thing that is equally certain: we will continue to speculate about it.

To top off the fantastic story, another researcher cited by Stevens suggests that the U.S. finally had had enough trouble from the location and used a new type of atomic weapon, a ‘boring atomic weapon’ at the very time of the Iraq invasion (March 19-20, 2003) serving as a perfect cover for such a covert operation at Earth’s ‘bottom’.  While Stevens doesn’t endorse the view of researcher Christian Saal, he does agree the seismological data from this site, coinciding as it did with the opening salvo in Iraq (aka ‘Shock and Awe’), begs the question of what was then happening at the South Pole, especially given its mysterious history and ongoing scrutiny of the NSA.  However, because we aren’t planning to explicate this theory further nor do we intend to observe the ‘march of the penguins’, we will head north a ways, but remain steadfastly within the southern hemisphere.

Argentina and the Escape of the German Reich

So much for the extraordinary answer to the question of ‘where’ the flying saucer ‘base’ may have been.  Now we turn to the much more conventional, and certain location of post-war Nazi activity operating independent of U.S. or Soviet control:  South America.  With its many German newspapers, German street names, and ‘Teutonic’ influence over the past one hundred years, there are few if any skeptics alive today who continue arguing Nazis never made it there.

Indeed, in the Introduction to PQ,B2 we recited a number of news accounts from major ‘news outlets’ confirming the ‘advance planning’ of Martin Bormann facilitating the placement of Nazi industrialists into dozens of countries at the end of the War.  Beginning in 1944, Broman ordered experts from the various key German corporations dispersed along with hundreds of millions in financing.  Remember:  Bormann was no small lieutenant.  He was head of the party, the Reichsleiter (second in command to Hitler), who all but took over for the Führer days before Hitler’s alleged (and much debated) suicide in ‘the Bunker’ on April 30, 1945.

The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth

The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth

Readers are no doubt familiar with the musical and subsequent movie Evita (1996) starring Madonna as Eva Perón, wife of the Argentinian dictator Juan Perón.  Readers may be less aware that Perón was strongly fascist in orientation and was cozy with the Nazis before being forced, under political pressure by the Americans only two months before the end of the war, to declare war on Germany (March, 1945).  Later Perón asserted the declaration of war was a lie with an ulterior motive.  Once identified as an official ‘Ally’, Argentinian planes would be allowed into Europe and could serve as ‘useful purpose’; namely, flying Nazis out of Europe and to Argentina where they could continue the geopolitical fight for Fascism.

Joseph P. Farrell, in his book Nazi International cites Argentinian author Uki Goña who interviewed Perón extensively and provides lengthy quotations in his book about ‘The Real ODESSA’—the term used to describe the ‘ratlines’ that moved thousands of Nazis out of Germany and into various South American countries, most notably Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia.  Argentina was the most frequent destination for the Nazis—since the government was so friendly toward fascists, it was a natural hideout.

This false declaration of war had a clear purpose: “We hadn’t lost contact with Germany, despite the break in diplomatic relations,” Perón would say in 1967.  Continuing with his assertion:

“Things being so we received an ususual [sic] request. Even though it may seem contradictory at first, Germany benefits from our declaration of war: if Argentina becomes a belligerent country, it has the right to enter Germany when the end arrives; this means that our planes and ships would be in a position to render a great service. At that point we had the commercial planes of the FAMA line (Argentine Merchant Air Fleet) and the ships we had bought from Italy during the war. That is how a great number of people were able to come to Argentina.”[xiv]

‘Air Argentina’ was not the only means by which the Nazis got to Buenos Aires.  The accounts of daring U-boat excursions abound; and indeed, constitute some of the most intriguing stories of escape at the end of the war.  However, the assistance of the Argentine Merchant Air Fleet is by far the most feasible method to transport the thousands of persons, documents, and perhaps, advanced technological ‘devices’ to South America. The stories of fantastic tunnels running beneath the towering peaks of Chile are equaled only by the tales of remote cities cut out of the jungles of Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay to conceal the secret weapons of the Reich.  Apparently, if bank robbers Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid could hide out in South America, Nazi war criminals could too.

The Escape of Martin Bormann

How Martin Bormann, the mastermind of the Nazi escape, made his way to South America from Hitler’s bunker sometime after April 21-30, 1945 remains a highly contentious subject today—a controversy which began over 30 years ago with a book entitled Aftermath: The Final Search for Martin Bormann, by Hungarian Ladislas Farago.  Most authorities regard Farago an excellent author and historian.  Indeed, Farago’s book on General George Patton was much acclaimed and became the basis for the movie, Patton (1970).  His book, The Broken Seal, was one of the background books for the movie, Tora Tora Tora (1970).  However, a few scholars dispute his storytelling when it comes to where Bormann wound up after the War.[xv] And yet, his version of the facts may have been doubted simply because ‘truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.’

Ladislas Farago, Aftermath

Ladislas Farago, Aftermath

We know that Farago conducted many well interviews as documented in his book on Bormann.  He also included Argentinian intelligence documents in his account.  Despite this, a British ‘historian’ Stephen Dorril, in his book, MI6: Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service (2000) called Farago “the most successful disinformer or dupe” concerning the presence of Nazis in South America.[xvi]  To him it seemed the notion thousands of Germans riddled with the reprehensible Nazi political philosophy had migrated to South America was just too incredible to accept. Throw in the accusations against the Catholic Church for playing a pivotal role in the escape and many academics contend we have descended into the realm of insanity.  Then again we should remember that with Dorril we have yet another intelligence agent writing ‘history’.  Was he telling the truth or just contributing more disinformation to the already heaping pile of incongruous truths?

Regardless, as time goes by, the evidence mounts that Bormann was a distinct presence in Argentina and later on, in Bolivia.  Joseph Farrell even provides a bank statement facsimile for the joint bank account held by Bormann and Perón cleared by David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank.

Another colorful and noted historian (majoring on the occult) is Peter Levenda who offers this summation of the Catholic connection and Ladislas’ account in his book, Unholy Alliance.

What does seem fantastic, however, is the assistance given to many of these men by what was always believed to be their sworn enemy:  the Roman Catholic Church.  While Ladislas Farago—mentioned in the Introduction to this [Levenda’s] book—must be credited with bringing this story to worldwide attention, it is useful to know that, since then, it has been corroborated many times over by other authors.

Why would the Catholic Church help the very men who had vowed to eradicate it, who had participated in pagan rituals designed to replace those of Christianity, who worshipped Baldur and Thor and Freya in candlelit ceremonies in the forests and castles of Bavaria, Thuringia, Westphalia, and the other German Länder? Men who had caught and imprisoned thousands of Catholic and Protestant clergymen, sent them to the camps, and executed them in cold blood?[xvii]

Levenda supposes that the quid pro quo was the expected future alliance between the two (Fascism and Catholicism) to fight ‘godless communism’.  Others, like evangelical author Dave Hunt, argued a more intriguing case.[xviii]  Hunt contends (arguing from both historical and biblical rationales) the Catholic Church and Fascism shared the view humankind should not be permitted the liberal system of self-government known as democracy—for this system inevitably leads to chaos!  To Hunt, the Catholic Church is ‘Mystery Babylon’—the whore of Babylon, who is drunk with the blood of the Saints.[xix]  To the Roman Catholic mind, says Hunt, Fascism was merely an evil means to a necessary end.  It was a convenient albeit evil way to return political government back to Theocracy where it originated and place authoritarian rule back in the hands of the Church.  Just as the priesthood of Catholicism had devised an uneasy governing alliance with authoritarian monarchists for over a thousand years, it seemed that teaming with another authoritarian form of government—Fascism in this case—might be the mandated toll reseating the Roman Church back in the political driver’s seat.

Levenda hints the same motive was in play when discussing Hitler’s courtship of the German Church:

Hitler very carefully sought to cultivate Christian (and especially Catholic) support for the Party as they remained a substantial voting bloc within the country.  Indeed, the Catholic Center Party played a pivotal role in Reichstag, elections that catapulted Hitler to power.  And just as he wooed the financial support of leading industrialists in contradiction to his personal beliefs concerning the evils of that “Jewish invention,” Capitalism, he also courted the powerful Catholic and other Christian lobbies in the country.  He knew he could not afford to alienate them entirely from his program, at least not until after he had won the war, for this reason he occasionally found it valuable to attack occultism and völkisch paganism in his speeches, even while encouraging it among his entourage and condoning its manifestation in the SS.

Perhaps we will never really know why the Vatican felt it was in their best interests to provide an escape path for the Nazis.  But one thing is certain:  the power quest makes for some strange bedfellows.  (The next chapter in PQ,B2, chapter 2, goes into the ratlines and the ‘great escape’ of the Nazis after WWII.  See also my recent video available on YouTube, Hitler’s Great Escape.)

Conclusion—Nazi Show-offs or Just Show and Tell?

POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America

POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America

So it is that thousands of Nazis and their technologies escaped Europe and made their way to the Americas.  The argument that rogue German scientists found it advantageous to demonstrate their extraordinary new flying machines to frighten their American adversaries surely seems far-fetched.  But the depth of analysis provided by numerous researchers, only a few of which are mentioned here, hints strongly otherwise.  Something was clearly afoot, or more accurately, in the skies overhead indicating that we hadn’t heard the last of the Nazis, their magnificent if not ardently mischievous and misdirected scientists, and their amazing flying machines.

However, while the source of flying saucers in the U.S. may be debated—whether they were truly German in origin, came from beyond the stars, or didn’t exist at all—there is no doubt that dozens of the worst war criminals came to the United States as the special guests of the American government.  As a result, America would never be the same again.

The author’s book, POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO, recounts the story of how the Nazi’s influenced America, infecting our technology, politics, and social sciences.  It is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.  It is also available on eBook formats with iBook, Nook, and LuLu.  See the author’s page on for more details on this and the author’s other books.


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[xv] The actual escape of Bormann as told by Farrell (citing several sources) involved a German U-Boat carrying Uranium 235, a necessary isotope for the atomic bomb.  Ironically, it was carried on U-Boat 234.  The argument is as follows:  The Americans were struggling to gather enough of the necessary ingredients for the atomic bomb through their Manhattan project.  The Nazis had created enough of the isotope to build several such bombs but missed by a few months of being able to mount it on a V10 rocket (under development) to send it to New York as a deadly greeting card.  Consequently, one explanation is that Bormann made a deal to trade the Uranium, surrendering it to the Americans in exchange for his freedom.  Another suggests that the Americans and British were most certainly going to protect the U-234 on its mission to help America’s bomb building efforts.  Bormann was well aware of this precious cargo and hitched a ride on the ‘protected’ submarine to Spain, where he holed up for a year, before he moved on to Argentina.

To add insult to injury, according to Farago, when Bormann arrived in Argentina he was in full regalia—as a Catholic priest.  To stretch the facts practically to the point of incredulity, it is stated that he even performed sacred church rites when in Bolivia, after Argentina had become ‘too hot’.  Just how absurd is this idea?  As it turns out, using the priesthood as a cover was a frequent alias for the fugitive Germans.  Another Nazi war criminal found the priestly frock hospitable.  It was in Bolivia where Klaus Barbie was discovered living with a Croatian war criminal  who had murdered hundreds of thousands of Orthodox (Eastern Orthodox) Serbs.  This murderer was also posing as a priest. Therefore, we can be assured that Bormann posing as a Priest would not be the first time a wolf donned sheep’s clothing.

[xvi] See

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[xix] While some of Hunt’s arguments are compelling to my Protestant way of thinking, Catholics are hardly convinced.  For their response, see


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Why Nazi Technology Might Be the Origination of the 20th Century Flying Saucer Phenomenon

Were Nazi Scientists Responsible for Early UFO Reports in the United States?

Were Nazi Scientists Responsible for Early UFO Reports in the United States?

Why Nazi Technology Might Be the Origination of the 20th Century Flying Saucer Phenomenon

The Unusual Usual Explanation for UFOs

Many authors suspect American intelligence operations lay behind early UFO claims and counter-claims.   Likewise, these researchers remain convinced the Nazis should be the ‘cause célèbre’ for the 1950s ‘Flap’ and subsequent cover-up.

Joseph P. Farrell in one of his most recent books, Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, challenges the popular notion that extraterrestrials explain UFOs.  Instead, he theorizes flying saucer appearances after World War II (1947 onward, at least through the 1960s) [i] are better explained by an unexpected evolution of Nazi technology post-World War II.  The purveyors of this secret capability were scientists smuggled out of Germany, escaping the grasp of both the Americans and the Soviets.  Farrell proposes that an ‘ET explanation’ for flying saucers was a carefully constructed campaign of disinformation by American scientists working with our intelligence services—or, perhaps in a more clandestine fashion—it was a tale concocted by former Nazis (once they began working for the Americans right after the war ended), to divert attention from covert plans for continued German development of advanced technologies, particularly those aeronautical in nature.  Farrell cites a statement made in 1968 by the famous (former Nazi) scientist Dr. Hermann Oberth then working for the United States.[ii]

Today we cannot produce machines that fly as UFOs do.  They are flying by means of artificial fields of gravity.  This would explain the sudden changes of directions… This hypothesis would also explain the piling up of these disks into a cylindrical or cigar-shaped mothership upon leaving the earth, because in this fashion only one field of gravity would be required for all disks.

They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their path… and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes… This would explain their luminosity… Secondly, it would explain the noiselessness of UFO flight.  Finally, this assumption also explains the strong electrical and magnetic effects sometimes, but not always, observed in the vicinity of UFOs. [iii]

The epigraph at the beginning of the previous post refers to an even more mysterious, if not highly strange, public statement made by Werner von Braun in January 1961.  To repeat it here for the convenience of readers:

We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us.  More I cannot say at present.  We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months’ time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter. [iv]

Returning to the information shared by Oberth in a reputed show of self-deprecation, he indicated (paraphrasing) “we can’t take credit for the many advances we have enjoyed in aeronautics… we have had help.” 

One Fred Steckling upon his retirement at Bell Labs, remembers Oberth clarifying his statement when asked, “From whence did this ‘help’ emanate?”  “Those guys out there from the other planets.” [v]

This same Fred Steckling constitutes a most interesting character in his own right.  He would later propose alien bases had been found on the moon, based on many anomalous features seen in photographs post-moon landing (from 1969 forward). However, Steckling’s outlandish claim hardly stands alone.  In a later chapter of Power Quest, Book 2, I touch upon the evidence for life elsewhere in our solar system—a matter at the forefront of claims a ‘third’ or ‘hidden’ space program exists.  Likewise, this notion involves both Nazis who work visibly within NASA as well as ‘invisible’ (theorized) Nazi scientists lurking outside public view.

Farrell, a controversial figure, prolific author, and Oxford PhD to which this author has frequently turned, points out that Dr. Oberth’s background (prior to his ‘coming to America’) involved the occult.  The reader may recall the opening chapter to Power Quest, Book 1, dealt with the prevalent and undeniable occult connection to Nazism.  This evil esotericism was even presumed by the earliest mediums of The Vril Society, namely Maria Orsic (soon subsumed in the Thule Gellenschaft in 1923) who supposedly channeled contacts originating from the nearby star system, Alderbaran (nearby of course is a relative term, being a mere 65 light years away!)  Thus, the notion of neighborly aliens is hardly a recent development.

Farrell cites a recently published and extensive passage from an accomplished polish researcher, Igor Witkowski, confirming the connection between Oberth and von Braun—but dealing with the mysterious nature of Oberth’s exact job description during World War II.  Oberth was considered by the Americans to be a leading authority in aeronautics.


But Witkowski suggests his area of research was a non-traditional area of flight research—namely, ‘zero point gravity’—aka an ‘advanced’ propulsion system for flying saucers.  In particular, the puzzlement arises when Oberth’s statements are combined with his interest in the occult.  Did he believe in extraterrestrials or was this just a convenient cover story?  It is a matter of record that Oberth made strongly-worded and explicitly clear statements to explain UFOs by resorting to extraterrestrials.   Farrell concludes:

What this quite plainly means is that long before Oberth came to the USA. and made his “Extraterrestrial diagnosis” of the UFO phenomenon, he was clearly involved in a very terrestrial project with explicit anti-gravity capability and potentials.  In other words, when Dr. Oberth was waxing lyrical about intelligences from beyond the solar system, he was obfuscating at best, or lying at worst.  If this is so, then this implies in turn that he was under some sort of orders as part of a larger psychological operation.

The question now becomes, why was he lying, and under whose orders was he doing so?  Or to put it differently, when, where, how, and for what reasons, did the idea of coupling antigravity technology to psychological operations first begin?

A German Flying Saucer Myth?

However, Farrell is quick to point out that while anti-gravity propulsion remains the usual supposition of those who believe in flying saucers explaining their great speed and maneuverability (and which allows for the possibility of interplanetary space travel), the technology behind the first flying saucers was most likely much more terrestrial; namely, they were powered by jet turbines.  The speed consistently estimated by witnesses was ‘about 1,000 MPH’.  This was certainly fast for the 1950s, but hardly Star Trek speed.

While there were various unconfirmed stories about Nazi engineering flying disks during the War, the first credible statement appeared in a French publication in the June 7, 1952 issue, approximately one month before ‘the Flap’ in the District of Columbia.  A Dr. Richard Miethe claimed in France-Soir that he built a turbine-based flying saucer craft for the Germans in 1944. It was known as the V7, whose engines the Russians found in Breslau at War’s end.[vi]

But there is further intrigue:  we learn from Farrell that Miethe was part of a joint West German–CIA sponsored coup against Egyptian King Farouk on July 23, 1952—ironically at the very same time ‘the Flap’ was transpiring in the western hemisphere.  Perhaps it is purely coincidental the flying saucer ‘attack’ on Washington DC happened while the CIA eliminated the Egyptian monarch and paved the way, with the services of former Nazis, to develop missiles for launch against the young State of Israel (only four years old at the time of the Egyptian coup).  Then again, maybe there was cause and effect.  As some evangelical authors have pointed out (namely, Gary Stearman who authored the Foreword to Book One of Power Quest), the timing of many UFO outbursts often coincides with key crisis events in the Middle East.  Go figure.[vii]

Nazi Flying Saucers in Antarctica?

Nazi Flying Saucers in Antarctica?

The CIA failed to recognize another significant fact:  Gamal Abdel Nasser then a lieutenant colonel, was the real force to be reckoned with in Egypt.  He would soon seize power in 1956, throw out the British, and take control of the Suez Canal.  As I have written elsewhere, John Loftus (mentioned earlier, a key member of the Nazi hunting unit in 1979 within the Department of Justice), confirms America was especially duplicitous in regards to Israel.  While publicly supporting Israel, along with Great Britain, America was taking steps behind the scenes to see the young Israeli government brought to an end in the first half of the 1950s, mostly to protect Anglo-American petroleum relationships (already decades in the making) with key oil-producing Arab states.  Israel may be the Holy Land; but the Arabs possessed petroleum vital to our economy.  America has been a friend to Israel through most of Israel’s history–but it hasn’t always been that way, nor is it a totally reliable friend today.

However, Miethe’s account stands as only one piece of evidence which links Nazi technology to the UFO ‘Flap’ of the 1950s.  Farrell mentions a Georg Klein whose testimony is contained in a CIA report dating back to May 27, 1954.

Klein stated that he was present when, in 1945, the first piloted ‘flying saucer’ took off and reached a speed of 1,300 miles per hour within 3 minutes.  The experiments resulted in three designs:  one designed by Miethe was a disc-shaped aircraft, 135 feet in diameter, which did not rotate; another designed by Habermohl and Schriever, consisted of a large rotating ring, in the center of which was a round, stationary cabin for the crew.  When the Soviets occupied Prague, the Germans destroyed every trace of the ‘flying saucer’ project and nothing more was heard of Habermohl and his assistants.[viii]

Additionally, the German ‘myth’ of flying saucers seems to be strengthened by the publication of Luftwaffe Major Rudolf Lusar and his book German Secret Weapons of the Second World War (published in 1959 in the United Kingdom)Farrell extensively quotes a Kevin McClure, a researcher on the UFO-Nazi connection who cited the material from Lusar.  For clarity and succinctness, I will recap the discussion here—paraphrasing Farrell’s analysis and citations.

Lusar indicates that flying saucers have been “whirling round the world since 1947, suddenly turning up here and there, soaring in and darting off again at unprecedented speed with flames encircling the rim of the saucer’s disc.”[ix]  Even though they are usually detected by radar, they have never been officially confirmed.  We learn these flying disks were first undertaken in 1941 and were designed by Miethe, Habermohl and Schriever (along with an Italian identified as Bellonzo).  Some were circular in shape and others were adjustable wing aircraft (think Grumman F-14 ‘Tomcat’).  They could take off vertically and could reach diameters of over 120 feet.  At Prague, the first was test flown on February 14, 1945.  As stated before, it took only 3 minutes to reach a speed of 1,300 MPH with an attitude of almost 40,000 feet.  The design specification called for a top speed of 4,000 km/h (over 2,500 MPH or Mach III).  The high speeds demanded special heat reducing materials.  While well-developed, the project never benefited the Nazis as the Russians reached Breslau confiscating the materials at the end of the War.[x]

Then additional significant information relevant to our study comes to the forefront.  According to Lusar, the Soviets took all the materials and shipped them off to Siberia “where work on these ‘flying saucers’ is being successfully continued’.”[xi]  Lusar claimed that Habermohl was probably in the Soviet Union while Miethe was definitely in the United States.  The evidence mounted that all parties continued to develop the technology since, in 1952 saucers were observed in Asia (Korea) and plainly seen during the 1954 NATO maneuvers over Europe (Alsace).  However, Lusar surmised the U.S. continued to deny the existence of these circular flying machines “because U.S. development has not kept pace with the work of the Soviets.”

If even half of these testimonies are true, we can easily see why military intelligence grew frantic over the Washington Flap.  The fear of Soviet aircraft advancement was plausible.  And it remained an obscure possibility that somewhere (unbeknownst to the American government) Nazi scientists continued to build advanced aircraft—namely, flying saucers which we couldn’t shoot down.  In a word, we were defenseless

Given the many other technologies we knew the Nazis had already advanced, the U.S. had reason to be afraid.  At the very least, our awareness may well have included what has now become the position of some researchers—Germany had ‘the bomb’—but they hadn’t developed an effective method to ‘deliver it’.  Farrell concludes:

All these considerations suggest that the U.S. military came to the realization that it was dealing with some terrestrial entity that was pursuing its own research into exotic propulsion systems and aerodynes [an aircraft heavier than air].  By all documentary indicators explored [in his book]…that entity appears to be some independent Nazi organization… those documents suggest the politically and technologically explosive reasons for an ongoing cover-up:  that Nazi entity had at least a decade’s head start, if not more, on the United States in the development of such technologies.[xii]

The Mastermind of Arcane German Technology

The worries about rogue Nazi scientists escaping the Allies weren’t without precedent.  In fact, the most notorious of all German scientists seemed to disappear into thin air at the end of World War II.  His name was Hans Kammler.

Joseph Farrell - SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Joseph Farrell – SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Kammler was regarded as the greatest evil genius in all the Reich.  Researcher Henry Stevens documents that Kammler operated “in the Skoda Works at Pilsen in what is now the Czech Republic.  During World War Two, this region had been annexed by Germany and was part of the Greater German Reich… Skoda did many things and must be thought of like one of the major technical industrial manufacturing firms in the USA today.” [xiii]

Since Kammler spoke Czech, the location was perfect for him.

The mystery of Hans Kammler stems in part from the silence of the Nuremberg trials regarding his whereabouts and role.  He was barely mentioned.  This is rather odd since he was the highest ranking official outside of Hitler’s ‘cabinet’ and eventually took over responsibility for all top secret weapons research.  Even more provocative:  Kammler had as many as 14 million people working for him, many of them Jews and slave laborers.  This is according to Tom Agoston in his book, Blunder!  How the U.S. Gave Away Nazi Super Secrets to Russia (Mead & Co.)[xiv]  Kammler took over the V2 project from Walter Dornberger, (who later worked for 15 years at Bell Helicopter; we will meet him again in a later chapter).

Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point

Nick Cook’s The Hunt for Zero Point

[Nick Cook’s book, The Hunt for Zero-Point provides considerable detail into Tom Agoston’s uncovering  of an enormous failure of the United States to exploit the technology that was within its grasp… literally boxes of scientific information trucked off from under the noses of our troops after capturing the work done by the Germans at the Skodawerke (Skoda Works) in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.]

Additionally, in January 1945, only months before the war’s end, Kammler took over all of Germany’s aerospace programs.  On the surface, it would certainly seem that finding Kammler would have been one of the most important of all post-war efforts for which the Allies should have pulled out all the stops.  Nevertheless, Kammler simply vanished.  Furthermore, the Allies didn’t seem bothered by his missing in action.  This can only mean one thing: the threat Kammler posed had been neutralized.  But how?

In April 1945, Kammler disappeared. Some reports suggest that he was assassinated by a member of his staff, acting on orders from Himmler not to allow personnel with detailed knowledge of the rocket program to fall into Allied hands. Others indicate that he may have been killed in action or committed suicide somewhere around Prague. The fact that his exact fate is unknown and that his body was never recovered led to some speculation that he continued his work in the United States after the war, where it is alleged he worked on anti-gravity and other advanced devices.[xv]

Then again, could it be that Kammler was one of those ‘rogue’ Nazi scientists clandestinely operating a laboratory in a faraway land?  Much has been made of Kammler’s Bell Project by Joseph Farrell in several of his books, with one devoted to the topic (The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, 2006).  It is conjectured today that the Nazi Bell may have been a time machine, or even more likely, an experiment to create a wunderwaffe (wonder weapon), drawing massive energies directly from the ‘aether’.  This theorized ‘atmosphere’ exists throughout the cosmos by many physicists including American Nickola Tesla (a person upon which Book one elaborates).

The Nazi Bell -- A Time Machine?

The Nazi Bell — A Time Machine?

Farrell exposes the depth of Nazi research and the role of Kammler, including ordering the death of his entire research team in an apparent attempt to keep the Allies ignorant of his spectacular experiments.  As dramatic as this sounds, it seems that overestimating what Kammler represents is no easy task:

Indeed, one would have to add to Agoston’s list, for such a Soviet general [who could have the impact of a Kammler] would also have had to be in charge of the coordination of all the most post-nuclear and super-secret advanced scientific research and black projects in the entire Soviet Union. It is thus in the person of SS Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler that all the lines meet: the Buna factory and slave labor of the camps, exploited for grizzly medical experimentation and labor in the secret underground laboratories and production facilities, the atom bomb project, and… even more horrendous and monstrous aircraft and weapons development.  If there was a gold mine of information, then it was available in the blueprints and files that were locked in Kammler’s vaults, or even more securely in his brain. It is this fact and Kammler’s extraordinary dossier that make his post-war fate even more problematical. [xvi]

Author Alex Constantine provides ‘insider information’ from Albert Speer, architect and Hitler’s head of new weapons development who distrusted and envied the man responsible for constructing the mass murder center at Auschwitz.  Constantine quotes Speer: “Himmler heaped assignments on him and brought him into Hitler’s presence at every opportunity.  Rumors were afloat that Himmler was trying to build up Kammler to be my successor.  I found Kammler absolutely brilliant, yet cold, a ruthless schemer, a fanatic in pursuit of his goal, as carefully calculating as he was unscrupulous.”[xvii]

So how did Kammler ‘just disappear’?  Why is there no record of his whereabouts?  Why didn’t the Allies care about where Kammler was?  Had Kammler made a deal with the Americans?  Or did he, like Farrell imaginatively hints, jump into the Nazi Bell and fly to a different place and time?

The reality: many Nazis were never called to account; and like Kammler, seemed to disappear into thin air—or the aether—to leverage the metaphor a bit more precisely.

The Extraterrestrial “Cover Story” to Hide the U.S. Vulnerability

To sum up Farrell’s thesis regarding the association of the Nazi saucer stories and their exclusion from the more popular space alien theory of UFOs, we quote Farrell directly, in his own words:

We now propose that the sudden appearance of Nazi suction-saucer [jet propulsion] stories during this crucial period of Cold War tensions was not accidental, but an international psychological operation… designed to do two things:

On the American side, to convince the Soviets that the alleged Nazi technology fell into American hands, and thus, that America had a preponderant technological advantage in air power over the Soviets;

On the Nazi side, the purpose was… two-fold yet again:

To obfuscate the real story of suction saucer development and,

To obfuscate the development of genuine field propulsion technology, namely, the Bell.[xviii] [Comment mine]

To unpack this a bit: from the American point-of-view, it was necessary to cover-up the UFO story to either (1) keep the Soviets guessing about what our military capabilities really were; OR (2) keep Americans from discovering that certain super-smart Nazi inventors were, like mad scientists, still at large in the world experimenting with aeronautical technologies which threatened our country.  Either possibility demanded disinformation be concocted by U.S. intelligence and adopted by the American public.  For those who subscribe to this latter point of view, it seems clear this ‘necessity’ would keep our intelligence services busy for at least the first 15 years after World War II.

On the other hand, if we seriously entertain the notion that ‘captured’ Nazis had covenanted continued belligerence—albeit acting as scientific ‘double agents’—then we can grasp why high-profile German scientists, ostensibly working for the American government after World War II (as they did at NASA), promoted extraterrestrials as the explanation for flying saucers.  This would remove rogue Nazi scientists from suspicion and give ‘hidden Nazi scientists’ time to develop their more advanced propulsion systems based on ‘anti-gravity’ or electromagnetism.[xix]

If the UFO stories are to be believed, these flights might have occurred as early as the ‘Washington Flap’, if not five years earlier at Roswell.  Given the amazing and still esteemed German track record for rapid accomplishment of many engineering feats, not the least of which is advanced weaponry, it is hardly implausible to hold this theory.  Given the alternative—that being a plethora of concealed visits from outer space aliens—one might even say the Nazi explanation ‘stands to reason’ while the alien theory is a bit too ‘far out’.

For those who still believe in the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it is nonetheless instructive to recognize this fact:  postulating extraterrestrials as responsible for the flying saucer ‘invasion’ didn’t commence because we lacked any evidence of terrestrial origins.  Just the opposite is true. It originated because we knew there were terrestrial explanations.   We just couldn’t afford, from a national security standpoint, to admit them.  It was much safer to deny them altogether or to suggest UFOs evinced benign entities visiting us from somewhere else in our solar system (or beyond the reach of our sun’s gravity completely).  Given the choice between space men and rogue German technologists, we choose the aliens—since highly advanced aliens wouldn’t dare annihilate us while the Nazis just might!

The devil we don’t know, in this case, seems safer than the devil we do.  It would seem such extraterrestrial belief is the real leap of faith.

Not that the preferred approach for our government was to openly advocate the extraterrestrial explanation.  It preferred then (and now) to deny them outright.  But when denial was no longer possible, dismissing UFOs as alien visitors out for a Sunday drive was okay.  After all, the worst thing our military could do was admit we had ‘non-friendly’ flying saucers playing keep-away in our air space.

Simply put: the whole story smacks of an intelligence operation.  Never mind that it spawned a ‘good alien hypothesis’ to explain the supposed evolution of humankind.  Likewise, we should also dismiss the fact our government supposed an anti-biblical cosmology closely tied to the occult ‘religion’ the Nazis advocated in their inner circles.  It was all done in the name of national security and keeping our citizens calm.  However ironic, and at odds with its cherished founding principle of the separation of religion from politics, the American government found it politically necessary to create an extraterrestrial religion, even if it hadn’t really participated in developing rituals and ‘a holy book’ to go along with it. [xx]

Certainly, there are many prominent people today who are true believers in extraterrestrials.  One only need listen to Edgar Mitchell, former Apollo Astronaut and New Age explicator extraordinaire.  Constantine offers this not-so-supportive jibe:  “The ubiquitous ‘aliens,’ he [Mitchell] insists, are at the heart of the federal UFO cover-up, visitors from a civilization ‘a few million or even a few billion years older than we are.’  His book The Way of the Exploder is chock-a-block with the astronaut’s rambling metaphysical cover stories.”[xxi]

(I discuss Mitchell and his enthusiasm for extraterrestrials later in Power Quest, Book 2.)

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[i] My view is flying saucers aren’t due to a single phenomenon.  While Nazis may have been responsible for the outbreaks during the first two decades after World War II, by the 1970s other parties may be involved as well.  While I doubt extraterrestrials were responsible, ultra-dimensional entities may have been.  As we will discuss later, one government agency even accepts this fact.

[ii] Oberth, while not working there, recruited Werner Von Braun into the notorious Nazi research and development center for rocket research at Peenemünde, Germany in the 1930s.

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A full-scale version of Brown’s vehicle was thought to be able to accelerate to thousands of miles per hour, change direction, or stop merely by altering the intensity, polarity, and direction of its electric charge.  Because the wavelike distortion of the local gravitational field would pull with an equal force on all particles of matter, the ship, its occupants and its load would all respond equally to these maneuvers.  The occupants would feel no stress at all, no matter how sharp the turn or how great the acceleration.  A turbo-jet airplane, by comparison, must produce a twentyfold increase in thrust just to attain a twofold gain in speed.  Whereas jets and rockets attempt to combat the force of gravity through the application of opposed brute force, electrogravitics [as Brown called it] instead attempts to directly control gravity so that this longtime adversary is made to work for the craft rather than against it (p. 45) [Comment mine]

[xx] Constantine adds yet another bizarre (but probably true) data point as further confirmation:

The ‘New Age’ (still dripping with occult beliefs reminiscent of the ‘New Age’ in proto-Nazi Germany), saucer mythology and drugged clairvoyance are blinds for involvement in extreme human rights violations.  The gamut of zany cover stories combine in the enigmatic C.B. Scott Jones, yet another military intelligence officer who, as a Navy pilot in the Korean War, happened to witness a UFO overflight [sic].  It has long been suspected by abduction researchers that Jones is a veteran of electromagnetic mind control operations.  Constantine, op. cit., p. 118.

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